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Lisa & Quinn S of Provo, UT | 2020-09-23

I was impressed with the workers. The stayed all day in 100+ temps, removed extra layers, and installed wood that they did not know they were going to do. All this they did in one day and then came the next morning to clean up. It worked out well for us, thanks to them and their diligence and perseverance. Rooftek was a good company to deal with and they responded to our questions and concerns in a professional manner. Their pricing was very reasonable. I only gave four stars because I have never worked with any other roofers.

Cody J of Springville, UT | 2020-09-21

My roof was scheduled to be done on a Tuesday. On Monday night a dump trailer was left in my drivway. The guy backing up the trailer backed the trailer into my gate and possibly my truck (it did not end up hitting my truck). Monday night at 7:06 pm I got a call from Roberto, my project manager. He let me know the crew was delayed, and that they would not be able to start until Wednesday. Things come up, and I was understanding. On Tuesday, although no roofing was done supplies were placed on top of the roof. I was sure the crew would start on Wednesday as Roberto had stated.On wednesday, I thought I would take some time off from work and come and see how the roof was coming along. To my surprise there was no progress. Not a soul had shown up. I did not get a call, text, or any other form of communication from Roberto or anyone else from RoofTek. At 3:19 pm, I texted Roberto “So I guess you’re not coming today either? No crew, no communication.” I did not get any response from Roberto on Wednesday.Thursday morning, I was composing an email to RoofTek hoping to hear from someone. My wife text me to let me know the roofers were at the house and beginning work. I immediatly texted Roberto at 7:03 am. He finally got back to me at 8:06 am. The lack of communication was frustrating, to say the least. No communication from Monday night at 7:06 pm until Thursday Morning at 8:06 am despite my attempts to communicate was not okay with me.I got a response from Conrad to the email I sent. In my email to RoofTek, I mentioned that I could not fully see the damage to the gate or truck until their dump trailer was moved. Conrad assured me that the trailer would be moved as soon as possible so that everyone could inspect the damage.Thursday the roof was done around noon. I will say they are fast at getting things done once they arrive. The trailer was still on my property, and Roberto told me it would be removed by 6am on Friday. Friday, I arrived home from work a little after 3 pm, and the trailer was still there. Again no one from RoofTek communicated with me explaining why there was another delay. I emailed Conrad explaining my frustarations with the lack of communication from RoofTek and still having my gate and truck blocked in by their trailer. He was the person that said the trailer would be removed as soon as possible. I never got a response to this email.Saturday at 8:45 am, Conrad was in my driveway finally removing their dump trailor. I showed him how the fence gate bar was bent and not moving like it used to. He offered to have his fence guy look at it. I refused. I told him I did not want him or anyone affiliated with him on my property. I don't want money. I just want to be done with RoofTek.I cannot reccommend RoofTek.

Anthony & Sharalee A of Spanish Fork, UT | 2020-09-21

Rooftek was very understanding with all of my questions and possible concerns. When my insurance company didn't send the final check on time they were very helpful in helping me get the response from the insurance company and promptly paid once they heard from Rooftek. Roofteck was extremely professional, answered any and all questions and concerns. I am extremely happy with their workmanship.

Timothy K of Providence, UT | 2020-09-18

Top quality from start to finish. I highly recommend these folks!

Phil G of Salt Lake Cty, UT | 2020-09-18

The roofers got the job done when they said they would and were awesome in their clean up. Two or three weeks after the new roof was installed there a very strong wind storm. They roof held up!

Paul H of Roy, UT | 2020-09-14

The crew was very good and they worked very hard. I am very satisfied.

Doug C of Orem, UT | 2020-09-09

We had our entire roof replaced prior to having solar panels installed. The job was done all in one day, as promised, and the job site was clean and spotless afterwards. Communication before and afterwards was professional and they did everything they said they would. They worked with our schedule and got the job done a few days early because we were going out of town. I would recommend RoofTek to anyone.

Duane & Lisa D of West Jordan, UT | 2020-09-09

They were fast, friendly, they worked around my schedule well, and they did a good job.

Kurt F of Sandy, UT | 2020-09-04

Communication was poor. Project timelines and expectations were not clearly managed. The work was incomplete and I was still expected to pay for a completed job on RoofTek’s time-frame.

Carlee D of Provo, UT | 2020-09-04

I would strongly discourage people from using this company. They were the lowest bid and were able to give a 50 year warranty on our new roof so we felt confident using them. But our experience was awful in so many ways. It took several weeks longer than we initially expected to get in the schedule and although the sales team promised it would take 1 day, it was three full days plus several more days of coming back to fix issues. To be clear, I thought it would take longer To replace our roof, but the sales team insisted that they almost never needed more than one day. Our roofers showed up before 5am even though the office said to expect them at 7am. I get why they wanted to start early since it was very hot that week, but wished the office gave us accurate information. The roofing materials that were delivered were missing our intake vents and it took a full morning for the project manager to track some down. The team had never installed this type of vent before and my husband had to get on the roof and try to explain how they were supposed to be installed (the project manager was rarely on site and my husband's rusty Spanish was not great for communicating with the team). Our roof had shake plus two layers of old asphalt shingles. When they were removing old shingles from around and under our roof mounted swamp cooler they bent one of the support legs, made a hole in the swamp cooler, and caused the whole thing to pour some water through our now open attic (shake shingles just have wood slays to support them not a full plywood cover) into our bathroom walls where it finally dripped out our basement drywalled ceiling. We ended up needing a drywalled restoration company to come and dry out our walls and ceiling with industrial fans and a dehumidifier for three days after pestering rooftek to resolve the issue for nearly a week (our paint had started bubbling from the moisture). We also needed a repair tech to fix the damage to our swamp cooler. Additionally they roofed over our kitchen range hood vent (although they cut the whole in the plywood under the shingles) and although they did come back to cut a hole in the shingles, we still had to take apart the ducting from the inside to extract all the nails, shingles and other debris from inside that was blocking the fan from working). They also brought the wrong size vent to fix it and we had to buy a replacement to get the job done (we were not reimbursed). The team also shot long nails out the freshly painted front of our house and tried to tell me that this was normal practice (they did come back to grind off the nails and touch up the paint). The other issue we had was that our new roof no longer overlapped a metal porch overhang on the side of our house (so the water from the roof dripped on your head when coming out this door instead of running off the metal porch overhang). They insisted this wasn’t their problem and we had a handyman come fix it for us. Lastly, the sales team assured us that is was very rare to need to replace gutters when replacing our roof, but once the team got to our house they said there was no way to reattach our gutters with the new roof (rooftek does install gutters but after all the problems we found another company to come install them and also saved $200 to boot). They left behind several sheets of decking, and some other supplies that they never came back for and I’m still finding nails in the yard from the job. We also had leaks around the duct work of our swamp cooler on the one day it rained this summer which they did come back and seal for us. Some of the issues Rooftek resolved, but only after spending hours in the phone and having them try to claim that the issues either didn’t exist, weren’t problematic, or weren’t their fault. Please use a different company when you replace your roof - especially if you have a swamp cooler on your roof, shake shingles, or need intake vents installed.

Steve T of Taylorsville, UT | 2020-08-24

They were knowledgeable, they kept me informed, they got the job done quickly, and they didn't have any mistakes or anything that they had to do over.

Stan S of Provo, UT | 2020-08-19

Very professional. Would highly recommend.

Max C of Wellington, UT | 2020-08-14

was very satisfied with the whole job

Dave D of South Jordan, UT | 2020-08-06

Joel was awesome to work with!

David S of Salt Lake Cty, UT | 2020-08-05

Great price. On time to start the job. Very hard working crew. Great follow up phone calls. They did what they said they did and got it done in about a day and a half. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend them.

Bennion S of Riverton, UT | 2020-07-31

It was fantastic and they did a wonderful job. I have absolutely no complaints at all.

Eathel R of Syracuse, UT | 2020-07-16

It was done on time, and we're happy with the product.

Austin C of Spanish Fork, UT | 2020-07-01

Great to work with. RoofTek streamlines the process.

Carol G of Provo, UT | 2020-06-27

I was happy to meet Andrew who came from Rooftek to give me a bid. He showed me pictures of the wind damage to my roof. I was surprised. He offered to be of any help taking pictures to submit to my insurance the next day. He was knowledgeable and agreed with me: It was laughable! How could I, age 77, climb up on the roof to submit pictures to my Insurance without help?I was also happy that Rooftek qualifies to install the Owens -Corning shingles as well. They hold up in the wind! Their Roofers were efficient and well trained, and even came early to avoid the upcoming rain storm. From Start to Finish--Rooftek served me well. Thank You!

Brad P of South Jordan, UT | 2020-06-23

Roof Tek did a great job. There were no surprises. Their prices were fair and the work was excellent. Very pleased with the whole process.

Wayne S of Ogden, UT | 2020-06-12

I was skeptical Rooftek could actually re-roof my house in one day, but they did it with time to spare. They did what they promised to do, when they said they would, and the result looks great. Even my neighbors were surprised that they did the whole job in a single day.

Corey & Brittany B of Kaysville, UT | 2020-06-01

The office had extremely poor communication.

Kelly B of Sandy, UT | 2020-05-20

Everything about our experience with Rooftek was great. From the initial go tact to the follow up interview. They are great to work with, professional, and the price was worth every penny.

Glade H of Draper, UT | 2020-05-14

Make sure that you clearly explain your expectations to the installers and state that upfront. Everything went just fine.

Randal C of Morgan, UT | 2020-05-12

Work was completed on time as promised. The crew was professional and hard working.

Mytrex Properties Llc of South Jordan, UT | 2020-05-08

Fast, efficient, friendly. Highly recommend.

Stacie B of Ogden, UT | 2020-04-28

They were friendly, professional, and did a superior job.

Richard E of Logan, UT | 2020-03-25

Make sure that you get a number for someone that you can reach at any time.

Jeff S of South Jordan, UT | 2019-12-09

Great job!

Heather R of Sandy, UT | 2019-12-04

They did a great job.

Wendy & Robert P of Kaysville, UT | 2019-11-25

RoofTek was informative and careful with our property. They made sure we knew what to expect and cleaned up the job efficiently.

Steve B of West Jordan, UT | 2019-11-20

Did a good job and price is fair.

David E of Kaysville, UT | 2019-11-13

Initial work was done very satisfactory. There were some left over problems that were rather difficult to take care of. The head office did not support complaints well.

John G of South Jordan, UT | 2019-11-01

RoofTek was prompt and very efficient from start to finish.We are very happy with our new roof!

Mary C of Payson, UT | 2019-11-01

The whole experience was wonderful. They did a great job.

Marc W of South Jordan, UT | 2019-10-30

From sales to scheduling to installation to customer service, and finally accounting, RoofTek was great to work with. I wish more service companies were even close to this good to work with.Thank you!

Dahlia C of South Jordan, UT | 2019-10-30

The employee's of Roof Tech were polite and respectful. I was surprised when the roof was completed in one day.

Lorraine F of Layton, UT | 2019-10-26

The employees at RoofTek were professional at all times starting with the sales reps to the project manager. The quality of the materials and the workmanship is of the highest standards. Best of all, they didn't quit on me even when my insurance company had. My roof was completed in one day with only a bit of cleanup the next morning Amazing! I would highly recommend RoofTek.

Don S of KAYSVILLE, UT | 2019-10-26

The address of the project is 11 East 900 South

Carl H of South Jordan, UT | 2019-10-17

I'm not a roofing expert, but I'm very happy with the work done and with the people that did it. The work seems top notch and was done professionally and quickly. And the staff was very willing to assist me and all my concerns or issues were handled to my satisfaction. They did a great job!

Shane P of Kaysville, UT | 2019-10-15

Project went as planned. Little effort on the home owners end which was great.

Bill C of Payson, UT | 2019-10-08

Great job and beautiful roof. Done fast and left our home clean.

Fred S of South Jordan, UT | 2019-10-08


Matt W of Farmington, UT | 2019-09-30

I always hold my breath when dealing with a contractor that I've never worked with before. I was relieved to find that Rooftek was fantastic to work with and they completed my roof ahead of schedule and it looks amazing! I had some questions about insurance billing and their support team was easy to reach and answered all of my questions. I'm really glad I decided to take a chance with them!

Mackay H of South Jordan, UT | 2019-09-25

Everything was great until it was time to settle the bill. I have tried for over a month to get a final settlement and our “marketing agreement” payment. No one returns calls at the billing office - at least now that they owe me money.

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