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New Ruf, LLC

101 E Front St Ste 104 | Hutto, TX 78634

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      The whole team at is committed to excellence in both quality and customer satisfaction. Whether it is a small residential or a large commercial project, the goal is always the same. Provide unmatched quality by paying attention to the finer details and ensure 100% customer satisfaction through proper communication, honesty and by following through on commitments. Cleanliness is a top priority at We believe in installing a proper roof system using all the integral components. We also remove your old roof right down to the bare deck to allow for a complete inspection of the nailing surface. Yes, it is more expensive, more time consuming and a lot more work for our crews, but it is the correct method. We use cutting edge technology in our business to measure roofs, create 3D models of projects and to identify areas affected by high wind and hail. We also use drones and artificial intelligence to detect wind and hail damage on roofs. In about 45 minutes we can inspect a roof with our drone and produce an accurate report that shows every single hail hit on a roof. This report will also identify wind damage like missing shingles or even shingles that have been creased. Long story, short, if you are looking for a company that refuses to cut corners and does what they say they are going to do, is the right choice. WE WORK FOR YOU!!!