Your Home Exterior Design Project: Before, During, and After

Designer Chad Esslinger answers questions from homeowners about home exterior design projects, including getting a new roof. Chad provides a few key tips to keep things manageable before, during, and after a big home exterior design project.

Homeowner question: Do I need to do anything after home exterior project is completed?

Chad’s answer: Like a good story, a home exterior design project has a beginning, middle, and an end – and maybe several sequels, if you have split your home exterior design project into phases. There are a few things you can do at the end of a project to help ensure smooth sailing down the road. Keeping samples, products, and contact information well-organized and on-hand for future reference is always a good idea.

Here are three tips to keep in mind before, during, and after designing or refreshing your home exterior, including replacing your roof.

3 Tips for Managing Your Home Exterior Design Project

Reference this list before, during, and after your home exterior design project!

1. Before: Take the Time to Plan

It may seem obvious to say, “have a plan”, but seriously taking the time to plan your home exterior design project is key to helping you get what you want in the end. Sometimes people get excited about an idea and rush into a project without thinking through the key aspects that have a big impact. From setting a budget and project scope to picking the right contractor(s) and color palette, you’ll know you’re on track, on budget, and getting what you want if you’ve taken the time to research and write it all down before things get underway.

Having a plan before you start your project is key

Get more tips from Chad on planning your home exterior design project.

2. During: Keep Communication Open

Once contracts are signed and your project is underway, sometimes it can feel like things are getting away from you or are out of your control, especially the more complicated the project.

As part of your contract discussions, get agreement from your contractor on how and when you will communication updates on your project

If you’re working with design professionals or contractors, discuss upfront how you’ll communicate throughout the project and what expectations are on both sides so everybody is in agreement. Let them know that you don’t want any surprises and that you’d like to be informed of any issues or changes to the plan, so you can discuss them before any decisions or installations are made. You should also be sure they are delivering on all aspects of the contract. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just like any good relationship, communication is the key.

3. After: Register Warranties and Organize Project Details

When your project is done, you may want to kick back and enjoy the results. But, before you do, there are a few post-project items you’ll want to check off your list, so you can have peace of mind.

Complete your post-project tasks before you relax after your project

Taking a few extra steps to register any warranties can help to protect your investments. Registering warranties can help make things a little easier to manage should you have any issues down the road since your information will be on file and you won’t have to search around for paperwork.

Don’t forget to register your roofing warranty

File and keep a record of colors, products, and companies you worked with for your project for easy reference. When the time comes to start planning the sequel to your home exterior design project or should you ever need to file a claim, retouch, or replace paint or other materials, you’ll be thankful that you have completed these steps and have this information easily accessible.

Be sure to store your important project information

Learn more about the three main types of roofing warranties or visit the Owens Corning Warranty page to learn about their roofing warranties.

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