Roof Estimates and Quotes

With social distancing guidelines or other restrictions in place due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), some roofing contractors use various technologies to help complete “no-contact” roofing estimates, among their other services.

Some roofing contractors can provide the entire process of a roof repair or replacement without the need to meet you in person or enter your home*. Learn more about getting a new roof or roof repair during COVID-19 restrictions.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Roofing Estimate

If this is your first time getting a new roof or roof repair, then the process of getting a roofing estimate, or roofing quote, could be intimidating – especially during any COVID-19 related restrictions that may be in place where you live.

After you’ve narrowed down your list of potential roofing contractors to hire, getting a roofing estimate is the next logical step in your roof project.

Roofing estimates can help you choose between two or three equally qualified roofing contractors or provide options regarding materials and the scope of work, such as deciding between a roof repair and a total roof replacement.

Find out what information should be included in a roofing estimate, what it all means, and how to compare your choices.

What Is a Roofing Estimate?

A roofing estimate, or roofing quote, is a written summation of the scope of your roofing project provided by a roofing contractor.

What’s Included in a Roofing Estimate?

Roofing estimates can vary widely from one roofer to another — some may email a one-page quote, while others may use computer-templated software to create detailed reports that include the estimate.

An example of a typical roofing estimate or quote from a contractor

At a minimum, here is what a basic roofing estimate should outline for you:

Materials List

A roofing quote should mention the brand and types of roofing materials your roofing contractor intends to use.

Typical roofing materials listed are:


Part of repairing or replacing a roof involves the removal and cleanup of discarded materials, and the roofing contractor’s estimate should account for these costs. They may need to rent a dumpster, for example, or pay for waste hauling services of construction debris.


Depending on where you live, local and city building codes may require permits for a roof repair or reroof project. Experienced, reputable roofing contractors should be familiar with what is needed regarding permits and should factor these costs into the estimate.

Licensing and Insurance

Another critical component to any roofing quote should be proof of the roofing contractor’s license (if required in your state) as well as proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation. This lets you know the roofing contractor is reputable and licensed to perform the work.

Comparing Roofing Quotes: Things to Keep in Mind

It’s easy to compare roofing estimates on the sole basis of cost — after all, you’re just comparing numerical values. But the numbers may not always tell the whole story.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you compare your roofing estimates:

Look out for roofing quotes that seem too good to be true because they probably are — it might mean the contractor is looking to cut corners on safety, licensing, or materials. Learn more about the key factors that impact roof replacement costs.

Digital Roofing Estimates During COVID-19

When your roof needs a repair or replacement, it’s critical to address it as soon as possible. A properly installed and well-maintained roof helps to protect your home from the elements, providing you and your family a safer place to live.

Many roofing companies can provide a ‘no-contact’ experience by providing digital roof estimates.

How Roofing Contractors Can Provide “No-Contact” Estimates for Roof Repair or Re-Roofing Projects

The process varies among roofing contractors, but in general, providing a “no-contact” roof estimate starts with capturing pictures or video of a roof, or roof damage, as well as information about the square footage or dimensions of the roof via:

The homeowner may also be asked to include a detailed description of the overall problem or reasons for a roof repair.

Remember, safety first. If you’re asked to provide photos or videos of your roof or roof damage, please keep safety in mind. If you cannot safely get good photos of your roof from the ground or a window, then ask the roofing contractor to come out to your home for a roof inspection.

Once an estimate has been provided and approved, and the project start day set, the homeowner and roofing contractor should discuss accessibility needs.

*The roofing team will remain outside as much as possible. However, there may be times when team members need to enter your home to inspect attic ventilation or other interior issues. A frank discussion of these needs can help prevent any interaction between the home’s residents and the roofers by setting entry times or creating a direct pathway to the affected area.

Invoices can be paid online or over the phone as well, which further eliminates the need for person-to-person contact.

Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Getting an Estimate

If you’re deciding between a roof repair versus a total roof replacement, ask your roofing contractor why they recommend the course of action they do.

Some roofing contractors prefer a certain type of work, and it’s best to find that out up front. You can even ask for a couple of estimates, one for the repair and one for a reroof, so you can make an informed decision.

When you’re choosing roofing contractors, collecting roofing quotes from them helps you compare costs. Putting a new roof on your home to protect your investment is a big decision, so it only makes sense that you should get a clear breakdown of expenses.

Pro Tip: Order a FREE RoofScopeX aerial roof report to see the size of your roof in squares, as well as the slope (pitch) of your roof. Keep the report on hand for future conversations with roofers or when reviewing estimates for your next roof replacement or repair.

Find a Roofing Contractor Near You

During COVID-19 restrictions, some roofing contractors are using various technologies that allow them to continue working with homeowners while still following social distancing guidelines.

If you think your home might need a new roof or roof repair, contact an independent roofing contractor in the Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network near you.