How to Stay Connected to Customers While Social Distancing

We’ve all felt the impact of COVID-19 personally and professionally.  As your business heads into peak roofing season, tapping into a range of available digital tools will help you successfully engage and connect with customers while respecting the Center for Disease Control’s and World Health Organization’s recommendations for social distancing practices. 

Taking the following steps can make the transition from face-to-face selling at the kitchen table to virtual presentations and selling strategies seamless for you and your team.  With so many rapid changes, make sure to familiarize yourself with local government restrictions on roofing services and general state-issued safety guidelines before starting a project.

Prioritize Safety Without Sacrificing Your Success

Nearly every step of your sales process can be done online without the need for in-person meetings, allowing you to prioritize safety while keeping your business running smoothly.

Here are some ways you can provide No-Contact Services, starting with your Virtual Presentation Sales Kit.

Enable Appointment Scheduling Online

Use scheduling software, such as Calendly or Appointments on Facebook, to allow customers to easily set up appointments and avoid the back and forth.

Calendly Resources:

Facebook Appointments Resources:

Deliver Your “In-Home” Presentation via Video Calls or Conferencing

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders mean no more physical presentations at the kitchen table. Instead, use video conferencing software, like Zoom, to virtually provide your “in-home” presentation to your customers. Be sure to follow Zoom’s best practices for security.

Zoom Resources:

Enhance Your Company Story

Looking for additional tools and resources to enhance your company story? Educational resources are readily available for you to use during your online presentations and meetings with your customers.

Digital Experiences:

Build Your Roof™

Build Your Roof™ empowers homeowners to select each layer and component that goes into their Total Protection Roofing System®^.

Total Protection Roofing System®^ Flipbook

Use our Digital Flipbook to walk your customers through our Total Protection Roofing System®^ online. Just download the PDF, add your company logo and information, and then send it as an attachment via email, text, or chat.

Provide No-Contact Roof Measurements and Reports

EagleView allows you to provide no-contact roof measurements and reports using high resolution aerial imagery for more clarity, more detail and more certainty.

You can easily integrate these measurements and reports into your estimates and share them with customers without the need for an in-person meeting.

EagleView Resources:

Automatically Organize Inspection and Project Photos

CompanyCam enables you to capture inspection and project photos and automatically organize them by location.  Add comments and share with your crew. Easily track your before, during and after.

A homeowner can also assist your photo capture by using a guest account.

CompanyCam Resources:

Offer Online Financing Solutions & Payments

Provide your customer with financing options using an easy to use virtual process from Service Finance Company. Allow customers to easily make payments online.

Service Finance Resources:

Close the Deal with Digital Signatures

No pen and paper required. DocuSign allows you to securely transfer, exchange and sign documents in a snap.

DocuSign Resources:

A New Way of Virtual Selling

ProSell™ Digital App

An integrated digital tool for virtual selling “from the kitchen table.”

Since time is money, the ProSell app helps you win in your market by converting leads and assisting with closing more jobs – quickly and digitally. With the ProSell app, you can close the sale completely electronically.

This integrated digital tool makes the entire sales process more professional, convenient, and time-efficient. From the pitch book and product data to efficient and accurate estimating, through contracting, financing, and down payment, the ProSell app will help you seamlessly and efficiently move homeowners through purchase decisions to close the sale without interruptions or delays.

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^Excludes non-Owens Corning® roofing products such as flashing, fasteners, pipe boots, and wood decking.

Business services are independent service providers and not affiliates of Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt or its affiliate companies.