Taking Shingles for a “Test Drive” with FLEX Fest

Just like test driving a car, trying on a pair of shoes, or sampling a grocery item, trying before buying can help guarantee you get what you want before making your purchase. 

This same mindset holds true for roofing contractors – and why our FLEX Fest interactive demonstrations are helpful educational tools that bring product benefits to life in a tangible way so contractors can decide which products they want to offer based on first-hand experience.

As a roofing manufacturer, we like to think outside the box when it comes to training and educating contractors about our products. We don’t mean the kind of training where they pull out their highlighters, listen to an instructor and hit the books in a typical classroom-style session.

That sounds pretty boring, right?

And boring just isn’t our style for anything we do.

We adapted some actual product testing to create FLEX Fest, a fun way for contractors to get hands-on experience with our new TruDefinition® Duration FLEX™ shingles* and put them to the test – literally.

Boasting the highest impact rating available in the industry, contractors can handle and test our UL 2218 Class 4** impact resistant SBS polymer modified asphalt shingle under a variety of conditions.

During FLEX Fest, contractors in the Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network (OCCN) take Duration FLEX™ shingles for a “test drive” by:

Contractor throwing ice ball at SBS roofing shingles
At Owens Corning FLEX Fest, contractors “test drive” Duration FLEX™ shingles against the competition by throwing ice balls at different SBS, Class 4 impact resistant shingles to see how well FLEX handles high impact events, such as an intense hail storm.

These interactive demonstrations speak to the performance, durability and impressive resistance an SBS asphalt shingle, like Duration FLEX™ shingles, can have during extreme weather events.

Of course, we also offer a range of other more traditional styles of training throughout the year so contractors can choose what works best for them. From online courses to live educational opportunities, we want contractors, distributors, and homeowners to be set up for success by sharing our product knowledge and roofing expertise.

Whether you need a new roof or just a minor roof repair, it’s always a good idea to hire a contractor who has the expertise, skills, training and experience to help guide you in selecting the best roofing product solutions for your home. Ask to see a physical sample of the asphalt shingle color and style you are considering, in addition to viewing actual installations in your area.

*TruDefinition® Duration FLEX™ shingles have limited regional availability. Visit our asphalt shingles page and enter your zip code to check if this product is available in your region.

**UL 2218 Class 4 shingles may qualify for a homeowner insurance discount – check with your insurance company.