Timeless Roof Colors

Designer Chad Esslinger explains how picking a roof color that is classic can help to keep your home exterior design looking timeless.  

Homeowner Question: How do I pick a roof color that’s considered to be ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’? 

Chad’s Answer: “Classic” and “timeless” are words you hear a lot when it comes to design. Classic design stands the test of time and does not appear “dated” – creating a look that is timeless.  

Classic Roof Colors  

The opposite of classic is trendy. Creating a classic home exterior design means that the look of your home is timeless and doesn’t look outdated once a trend has come and gone. Now you may assume that this means a white house, black shutters, and a red front door – it can, but it doesn’t have to mean that.  

Navy, heather gray, forest green, almond, and creamy yellow could all be considered colors that have stood the test of time and are solid colors to bring into your palette.

And “classic” doesn’t mean boring either.   

Dated vs Timeless

You know that feeling when you go into a home and you know with certainty that the kitchen was designed in the mid-’70s? While the kitchen may still be functional, it’s probably one of the first things you would want to update.  

Vintage retro kitchen with orange pattern tiles, american retro kitchen home interior design 70's style close-up

But then there are those homes that have a feeling of timelessness, in both their interior and exterior design and décor and you can’t quite pinpoint when it was built or decorated. 

So when it comes to selecting a roof color that’s timeless you should choose something that you can see liking 10 years from now. A roofing manufacturer typically designs shingle colors to go with the trends, not to be the trends.

Exterior of a new Cape Cod styled suburban house with recently planted shrubs and grass
Light gray house with white trim and TruDefintion® Duration® Designer Architectural Roof Shingles in the color Pacific Wave
Exterior of a new Cape Cod styled suburban house with blue siding and yellow trim, recently planted shrubs and grass
Blue-gray house with yellow trim and TruDefintion® Duration® Designer Architectural Roof Shingles in the color Pacific Wave

It may be hard to predict the future, but try to focus on colors that stand the test of time and bring a sense of calmness vs. chaos. Classic design is understated, not fussy. Choose a palette that belongs in the current and potential future exterior surroundings, not against them. 

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