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John S of Hollywood, MD | 2020-02-04

Everything was very timely. They have a great quality of materials.

Sharon L of Dunellen, NJ | 2020-02-04

The roofing crew was done in three days, and the gutter crew was quick, they were all professional!

Nancy W of Pittsburgh, PA | 2020-01-21

The quality of the work appears very good, however, they did not clean up after themselves very well.

Taya I of Pittsburgh, PA | 2019-12-17

Gutter Helmet is very professional and worth the money.

Lynn G of Towson, MD | 2019-12-17

I think they are an excellent company to deal with. If you have any issues, the CEO calls you back to see how he can can handle it.

Chad W of Verona, PA | 2019-11-18

The company kept there promises on installation, quality product, and professionalism.

Janice C of Glen Burnie, MD | 2019-11-06

When the salesperson came out, he had all of the materials to show me the different types of things that they would do. He was very courteous, polite and forthcoming. The men that were here were very professional and as clean as could be. It has been since July when they were installed, and currently, I am satisfied.

Mike & Linda Q of Brandywine, MD | 2019-11-05

They did a very professional job. Everyone was very polite. They cleaned up very well after themselves.

Tom H of Imperial, PA | 2019-10-09

Everybody was helpful and answered all my questions, the salesman was very knowledgable and sold us on the service. I've been very happy with the project.

Fredrica L of Warminster, PA | 2019-10-08

Gutter Helmet was absolutely wonderful to work with.

David M of Milford, NJ | 2019-10-08

They did exactly as they advertised and did the job perfectly fine. The time line requirements, I had, they also met. I like the work they did.

Tom W of Alexandria, VA | 2019-10-08

I was most satisfied with the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Rich D of Pittsburgh, PA | 2019-09-27

Top-quality workmanship. The crew was very professional, they knew what they were doing and everything was a team effort.

Mario R of Paterson, NJ | 2019-08-30

I was most satisfied with the whole experience.

Lea F of Pittsburgh, PA | 2019-08-13

I was very pleased with the product and the installation.

Anthony Z of Hamburg, NJ | 2019-07-19

The quality and the crew was all good. I am satisfied.

Waheed A of Pikesville, MD | 2019-07-18

They are very professional and knowledgeable.

John C of Coraopolis, PA | 2019-07-11

They've done a good job; keep up the good work.

Lori C of Annandale, VA | 2019-07-10

I purchased a new roof and gutters with gutter helmets. I believe I was given a fair price and I trust it is a quality product. Unfortunately, the delivery of the roofing materials was done by a very large truck and they were unable to back into my narrow driveway -- it had rained a lot and they were afraid they would tear up the grass. He made some calls and left the materials in my driveway. The team showed up the next day by 9a and began work. I understand it was extra work for them to have to haul it to the roof, but they never said anything to me about it...they just did the work and cleaned up after themselves.

John T of Lexington Pk, MD | 2019-07-10

Replaced a 6,000 sq/ft roof. Salesman stated could be done in a day, two at most, this was a 6 day job without the additional two days for weather delay: 9 days in total. Crew arrived on-time day of install, materials did not; lost a day waiting on materials, then lost the crew (walked off of job due to mgmt oversight/frustration). Once job started, progress was made but they never met daily objectives, delaying completion. Crew and supervisor were friendly, polite, professional. Daily attempts were made to communicate progress by phone by supervisor (was off-site a majority of the time). Attempts were made to keep the area clean of materials. Gutter Guards were de-installed an re-installed, however they are suspect in effectiveness: I still see pooling of water in certain areas when it rains; I called to ask for someone to come out and review but never received a call back. Roof looks good with the exception of one shingle that was cut oddly; I asked for it to be redone but action was not taken. Overall patience and expectation management is essential as a customer.

Gary M of Fort Washington, MD | 2019-07-08

We were very happy with everything they did!

Dahrin C of Braddock, PA | 2019-07-08

The salesmen they sent was very nice and he was the one that convinced me to make the deal.I had roofing nails stuck in two of my tractor tires. I spent $250 each for two new tires. I had to go around for two weeks to pick all the roofing nails. I still have a whole row of nails that go in the air gun that they left behind. They used my garbage can to throw their debris away. They were very unprepared. Nobody ever checked up on the job.

Rajendra S of Jersey City, NJ | 2019-07-07

Never get this company again very pricey unproffestional, they trying for 150 dollar plywood on top of my roof replacement ,Craig was worst sales man he push me show hard made me over pay 2500 to 3000 dollars for such a small roof

Joseph S of Alexandria, VA | 2019-07-05

What began as a sterling effort by the salesperson turned sour at the promised date for the install. The existing gutter helmet was taken down on schedule, but the roofing crew, a subcontractor it turned out, failed to even read the work order and left out two important items. One was corrected, the other never fulfilled. It took an extended amount of time to find out why the crew did not appear as scheduled and much delay till a new date was scheduled. The crew did show up on the rescheduled date, but the man in charge simply did not read the work order. Then, when the roofing was done, we discovered they had damaged two levels of eave guttering. GH, to their credit, did replace the damaged guttering later. It appears that the Owens-Corning roofing is a very good product, but even now I see areas where the installation crew left areas that appear to be sloppy worksmanship.

Sam M of Pittsburgh, PA | 2019-07-05

I just want the project done, I am sick of surveys but no one calls and it's still not done. I don't care whose fault it is they just need to get it fixed. I want the refund they promised me.

William W of East Windsor, NJ | 2019-03-26

The only problem I had was that the forgot to call us to say they were coming and the dumpster showed up before they started and I did not know it was coming.

Daniel R of Luthvle Timon, MD | 2019-03-12

The Gutter Helmet team I worked with was prompt, efficient, professional, and after a month since installation I am pleased with the results so far. There were some initial communication gaps while waiting for the installation to be scheduled but it was due to a typo they made when setting up my profile confusing my phone number. They were incredibly apologetic about the mix up and had kept my original timeline on track so installation occurred on time once I called in to understand why I hadn’t heard from them. I was very impressed by the promptness of their customer service especially via email once we did connect.

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