Sand Dune

2018 Shingle Color of the Year

Warm and Relaxed

As the waves roll in and the breeze blows, sit back, deep exhale and let the sunshine warm your toes in the sand. The color Sand Dune helps create a sense of natural grandeur with a relaxed versatile medley of coastal hues. It combines elements of bisque beige, driftwood, shale and charcoal with a touch of light sky blue that paints a canvas of effortless elegance with a range of exterior palettes. Sand Dune is light and airy and very approachable—leave your cares behind and enjoy the view.

TruDefinition Duration Designer

Sand Dune

Style boards from 2 Chicks and a Hammer

Additional Style Boards

Sand Dune light brown shingle Style Boards show a collage of images pairing the this shingle with a color, like the Warm Taupe light brown shown here.

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About this Shingle

Duration® Series shingles offer spectacular curb appeal with our TruDefinition® color platform and the high-performance and durability of our patented SureNail® Technology. With an impressive limited lifetime warranty (for as long as you own your home) and wind protection of 130 MPH*.

2017 Shingle Color of the Year

2017 Shingle Color of the Year

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