Sky Runner LTE®

Rolled Ridge Vents

For Balanced Attic Ventilation

Sky Runner LTE is an over 30 foot roll vent.<br><br> LTE - Long. Tough. Easy to Install. Making it an excellent choice.

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Product Information

NFVA 360 sq. in per roll / 12 sq. in per ft
Nominal length 30'
Nominal width 14.5"
Nominal height 5/8"
Nominal weight 14 lbs
Roof pitch 2:12 to 16:12

Applicable Standards & Approvals

<ul> <li>ASTM E108/UL 790 (Class C Fire Resistance)</li> <li>FBC-TAS100(A) Wind-Driven Rain up to 100 MPH</li> <li>Florida Product Approval</li> <li>Miami-Dade Product Approval</li> <li>ICC-ES AC 132*</li> <li>UL ER1292-01</li> </ul>


Installation Instructions PDF | 540 KB Warranty PDF | 540 KB


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