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Pfeifer Roofing, Inc.

383 Ratings
4835 Ridge Dr NE | Salem, OR 97301
(503) 393-3185
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Jason B of Salem, OR | 2020-09-08

Pfeifer Roofing was amazing. They went above and beyond and met the timeline way in advance. The crew was very nice, and hands down, hard workers. They worked non-stop on my steep roof in over 100-degree temperature and using very heavy material. I can't thank them enough for their work.

Murl B of Salem, OR | 2020-09-08

The crew was extremely professional. The price was also competitive. They underbid a major competitor by a small amount. The deciding factor was their specific contract on what I was too receive, unlike the other contract I was considering. The other one was asking me to give up a lot of legal rights if anything went wrong. Pfeifer Roofing had a far superior and better contract. That was the deciding factor.

Merrill Y of Aumsville, OR | 2020-08-30

From the start to Finish I was delighted in each phase. Evvery meeting was timely and questions were answered usually within minutes. Shaun Haller along with the office personnel and installation crews delivered on customer satisfaction.

Lori & John D of Salem, OR | 2020-08-18

Pfeifer Roofing is the best contractor I have worked with. They treated my project like it was important to them. The Crew was happy and to us that means they are a good company to work for, they are trained and they care about their work.

Matt & Judy B of Salem, OR | 2020-08-05

Pfeifer Roofing did an excelling job. They were on time and on budget. They were very well organized and they did a really nice job. It made a big difference on the house.

Judith & Larry W of Salem, OR | 2020-08-05

I was very, very satisfied. It was a terrific crew. I thought they were having a lot of fun and getting a lot done in a hurry. They got a lot done and were good guys.

Arthur N of Independence, OR | 2020-08-03

Pfeifer Roofing is not inexpensive but I feel they are a very good value.

Sharon A of Woodburn, OR | 2020-07-20

Pfeifer Roofing was referred to us by my sister after re-roofing her home. They did a fantastic job, were very professional and conscientious as well as friendly and courteous. Our neighbor had his home re-roofed after seeing what a great job they did on ours. I highly recommend them.

Larry S of Stayton, OR | 2020-07-14

This was my second project with Pfeifer Roofing. This was a small job, but it was done quickly and professionally. I highly recommend them.

Brian R of Keizer, OR | 2020-07-05

The entire team from Pfeifer Roofing was very professional from the first time we called. They had someone out to give us an estimate and drop of samples the next day. They started on time, cleaned up the entire yard daily, and completed the job right on time.

Bill K of Salem, OR | 2020-06-25

They were super helpful during the pandemic. They kept on with the schedule.

Roger M of Salem, OR | 2020-06-16

They did very good work. They were prompt, excellent, and very effective at their job.

Randy G of Salem, OR | 2020-06-16

We have used Pfeiffer before and because of that positive experience, considered them first when the need developed to reroof the office. Based upon this and other prior experiences, they stand behind their work -- this is a high integrity, professional team who communicates well with the customer and cleans up well afterwards.

Dave & Mary K of Stayton, OR | 2020-05-08

I was pleased with Pfeifer Roofing. Pfeifer Roofing is competitively priced, on time, vast knowledge, and communication. The installation crew took the time to explain the work that they were doing. They showed me materials that no one would see after the completion of the project. I was delighted.

Robert C of Keizer, OR | 2020-04-22

I was so pleased with them. Everyhting they have done for me was first class. They are a great company to work with

Oregon Community College Association of Salem, OR | 2020-04-22

We asked for three bids and Pfeifer Roofing was on time to the appointments. They provided a professional, succinct and comprehensive package to review. They kept us informed at all times, and once the work started they were efficient and on time. When they were done, you didn't know they had been there, the clean up was great.

Edward L of Keizer, OR | 2020-04-21

We are repeat customers. They did a roof for me about 10 years ago on my old home. We had a leak and they came right over and fixed it. When we moved into our new home and needed a new roof, Pfeifer Roofing was my #1 choice based on their history with me.

Tom & Jean L & Logan of Salem, OR | 2020-04-17

Pfeifer Roofing did a wonderful job.

Richard H of Salem, OR | 2020-03-24

They were very professional, helpful and answered all of my questions.

Patrick & Vickey W of Salem, OR | 2020-03-24

We couldn't have been happier. Pfeifer Roofing did everything when they said they would and for what they said they would. I am a retired construction worker and they did the job professionally--absolutely flawless. I really appreciated everything about it.

Judy O of Salem, OR | 2020-03-24

They're wonderful. I'd had some experience with them before fixing a leak, so I knew they were the only people I wanted to deal with .They're just the best!

Melissa T of Dallas, OR | 2020-02-20

I was completely satisfied and very happy.

Richard & Debra N of Silverton, OR | 2020-02-18

They did a professional job and it was a quality installation.

Diane B of Keizer, OR | 2020-02-12

We had them do our house 10 years ago, our son used them and this is our second time using them. We are satisfied with their work.

Richard & Courlette S of Keizer, OR | 2020-02-05

I was very impressed with everything they did and how they handled everything. I would highly recommend them in the future.

Tami B of Salem, OR | 2020-01-30

They went way above what they said that they were going to do. They were very professional, very prompt, and very well informed. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody.

Lisa C of Salem, OR | 2020-01-30

I am very satisfied with everything from the estimate and throughout the project and the last inspection. The crew was professional and they kept everything extremely clean. If you use Pfeifer Roofing, you will never be disappointed.

Michael P of Salem, OR | 2020-01-30

Your roof is very important to your home; without it, you don't have one. I feel like I have a new roof, and I don't need to worry about it ever again because of the work they did.

Andy U of Silverton, OR | 2020-01-28

They provided excellent service.

Linda B of Salem, OR | 2020-01-03

When they were done you could not tell they had been here, everything was really clean and it was left the way they found it.

Robert R of Salem, OR | 2019-12-18

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the crew and their helpfulness. The overall experience was great!

Scott & Barbara C of Keizer, OR | 2019-11-26

They are known to be one of the best roofing companies in town and they proved that they are to me.

Molly A of Salem, OR | 2019-11-26

They did a good job and the crew was really nice.

Annette O of Salem, OR | 2019-11-12

Pfeifer Roofing is very professional from start to finish from the first time we had the salesperson here to the inspection. It was awesome. We are very happy with the results.

Alan & Debbie F of Gates, OR | 2019-11-08

They were an A1 company. It was a superb experience and I can't say anything but good about them.

Russ H of Keizer, OR | 2019-10-24

Trevor Pfeifer went out of his way to make sure we were happy.

John & Lori D of Salem, OR | 2019-10-23

They partner with their customer. They didn't leave us in the dark. They understood our concerns and they went the extra mile for me. They were great! They cared and were considerate from sales down to the guy picking the nails out of the garden.

Marti & Rex K of Salem, OR | 2019-10-10

This roof is going to last for a long time and is beautiful to look at. It is good quality and the nicest thing you can do for your home.

Elaine H of Salem, OR | 2019-10-09

They did an excellent job!!

Gary & Sharon M of Keizer, OR | 2019-10-07

They were professional at all times.

Don O of Brush Prairie, WA | 2019-09-30

I have and I would recommend them to anyone.

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