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Alan's Roofing

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14498 Ponce de Leon Blvd | Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 686-3330
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Virginia G of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-08-19

I was incredibly pleased by them. They were fast, efficient, and kept the site incredibly clean. I have never had to hire someone to do a roof. Having a company come in was a little intimidating but they were fantasitc.

Burt R of Brooksville, FL | 2020-08-07

I dealt with the manager, David, and he met with me two or three times. He was very professional and we went through everything. Alan's Roofing was right up there I agreed to them installing my roof. We are very happy with it.

Dessa B of New Prt Rchy, FL | 2020-07-20

Alan's Roofing did a great job. They were very professional and courteous. They were very informational and understanding.

William & Laura B of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-07-17

Allan's roofing did an excellent job. They finished the job on time. Their quality is excellent.

Richard H of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-07-16

We have used Alan's Roofing for a second time now, and both projects were satisfactory jobs!

Daniel A of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-06-30

1. From the roof measurement survey performed by Todd 28 FED 2020 and the installation of the new roof on or about 11 March 2020 performed by Alan's crew were both outstanding. Professional in every sense.2. With regards to job site cleanup: Overall site appearance looked great. however I encountered three old roofing nails, one entered the sole of my shoe without injury to my foot and other one entered the right front tire of my mower causing a flat tire and the third I picked up and placed in my metal container.3. After the roof installation hand delivered the final payment to the office of Alan's roofing on 22March2020. I requested the Lifetime warranty certificate. The office clerk indicated that the warranty certificate would be mailed to me in about two weeks. However, over two and a half mouths have past and I still haven't received the life time warranty.t

Michelle H of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-04-23

The installers were excellent and very nice. I even called the company and said they needed a raise. They were very professional and nice.

Alan P of Homosassa, FL | 2020-04-15

Alans Roofing salesman was accurate in his appraisal of my situation. The crew came out a few weeks later. They cleaned up well. It was a very positive experience.

Carmen S of New Prt Rchy, FL | 2020-04-02

The person to talk to is David Flowers. He is an awesome guy, wonderful sales rep. Looked at the roof after it was done. He made it great.

John & Renee M of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-03-24

They were very professional and on time.

Michael C of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-03-24

Todd, who was our salesperson from Alan's Roofing did a great job. He was very helpful in getting me everything I needed. Everyone at Alan's Roofing did a great job!

Christian K of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-03-20

Todd was very attentive to sell me the roof. His communication went south from there. He never explained when the payment was due. I finally mailed the check to him with a coupon for 5% off & asked for the refund, a certification for hurricane winds & if someone could coil up the wire from the dish that they left hanging straight out. He never bothered to respond, but I got some type of paperwork for the roof. He reminded me of a used car salesman. Can't wait to sell the product, but forget any followup or assistance with questions. Very disappointed!

Fritz M of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-02-04

The representative, David, was fantastic. I am an old guy, I am 68 years old. I am weary of the younger generation at times, but he did a wonderful job.

Dale C of Bushnell, FL | 2020-01-22

The staff was very courteous and professional.

Teresita F of Spring Hill, FL | 2020-01-16

The agent I worked with was excellent. He was perfect and answered all of my questions.

William L of Hudson, FL | 2020-01-14

First rate all the way. Good crew, on schedule, good price. No issues.

Dawn & James B of Hudson, FL | 2020-01-10

From start to finish everything was done in a professional manner. David was wonderful as was the crew. Highly recommend them!

Florian R of Hernando, FL | 2019-11-26

The crews and the sales staff were exceptionally well. We were impressed. Everything went well!

Tom L of Spring Hill, FL | 2019-11-26

I thought Alan's Roofing was great. No complaints and everything was done in a professional manner.

Wilma & Gerald R of Brooksville, FL | 2019-11-13

They came, did their work, and were very good at doing it. They were gone before I knew it.

Tuan N of Spring Hill, FL | 2019-11-12

After the job was completed we walked on the roof and there seems to be a gap between the shingles. I am still waiting for them to come back out and make the repairs.

Connie & Steven U of Brooksville, FL | 2019-11-07

Their father and son installation crew was excellent. They did everything in a timely manner and did a perfect job.

Jonathan & Patricia P of Spring Hill, FL | 2019-10-23

Our neighbors are going with them right now.

Gerald & Marjorie W of Spring Hill, FL | 2019-10-08

I am very satisfied with the job.

George & Maria H of Spring Hill, FL | 2019-10-08

They were very good!

Shawn L of Brooksville, FL | 2019-10-03

I was shown in the brochure that it was a dark gray. The color that was put on was very light. I have trees all around my house and didn't want it to stain. I called them back and was told they don't do dark gray in Florida. The workers left trash all around my home, urinated on my home and damaged a large clay pot. They need to show the actual shingles to customers.

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