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Adam Vaillancourt Roofing, LLC

488 Ratings
15 Stoneyard Drive | Milford, NH 03055
(603) 673-0006
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Craig S of Nashua, NH | 2020-09-10

The best experience I've had with any home improvement contractor I've ever hired - and I've spent years maintaining dozens of rental properties, so I know a good contractor when I see one. I wouldn't hesitate to use Adam Vaillancourt Roofing for my next roofing project.

Ian M of Goffstown, NH | 2020-09-04

The inspection of my roof was thorough, and the review of my repair options was deep and well explained. Work was within 2 weeks, started on time on the day they promised and completed within a single day! Roof looks great and I have full confidence with it.

Steve C of Nashua, NH | 2020-08-26

I am extremely pleased with the entire experience. There are very professional and knowledgeable. It is a top notch product!

Daniel R of Manchester, NH | 2020-08-19

Adam Vaillancourt was very professional and accomodating.

Marcia L of Hancock, NH | 2020-08-05

Adam Vaillancourt Roofing did excellent and I was very happy with it.

Fred P & Jeff M of Amherst, NH | 2020-08-05

We had a really good experience. The crew was easy to work with. They were punctual and cleaned up. We haven't had any issues with their installation. We're very pleased with everything. It's a little bit more money than competitors, but it's worth the investment.

Mike A of Bedford, NH | 2020-08-04

The roofing project was done quickly and efficiently.

Richard L of Amherst, NH | 2020-07-09

Unusually pleasant company to work with and hire

Jane L of Milford, NH | 2020-07-01

Adam Vaillancourt was very sufficient. They left my home cleaner than when they arrived. The crew knew what they needed to do and did it promptly.

Tammie P of Merrimack, NH | 2020-06-12

From the beginning to the end of the project, they were professional all the way. When there was an issue it was resolved quickly and efficiently.

Scott W of Boscawen, NH | 2020-06-02

We are very happy with the job that was done on both of our roofs. Adam Vaillancourt Roofing, LLC staff was friendly, thorough and efficient. We have recommended them to friends!

Vanessa D of Hooksett, NH | 2020-05-27

I was very please with Adam Vaillancourt Roofing's work. They were punctual and cleaned up very well after the job was complete.

Scott & Judy C of Bedford, NH | 2020-05-22

We are very impressed with their work. They are courteous, detail-oriented, and did a really great job with our unique roof. We love the way it looks and we enjoyed the process.

Chris R of Londonderry, NH | 2020-05-21

The crew was outstanding! They were clean and kept me well informed. They did the job quicker than expected. I am incredibly satisfied with the job!

Dean H of Amherst, NH | 2020-05-20

They were just a wonderful company to deal with. I got quality products at a good price. They were very professional before, during, and after the whole process.

Peter M of Warner, NH | 2020-05-12

Adam Vaillancourt Roofing is awesome. They are unbelievable. I am in the business of roofing as well and they were great.

Chris V of Jaffrey, NH | 2020-05-12

They did a great job, the crew was very spontaneous, they hustled, there was no lag time and the clean up was 99.9 percent done. The project manager was on target, the timeline was on target and the product is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Ruth H of Milford, NH | 2020-04-29

Many, of my neighbors, complimented the roof and the quality job they gave me.

Dave & Mary M of Nashua, NH | 2020-04-18

They were very professional and thorough. They did exactly what they said they would do and if I asked them to do something they did it.

Marisa & Alan C of Amherst, NH | 2020-04-17

I knew going in that it would be a great choice for us.

Scott G of Milford, NH | 2020-03-25

You won't be disappointed!

Joe F of Peterborough, NH | 2020-01-13

Prompt, professional and complete service.

Melanie & Richard G of Wilton, NH | 2020-01-08

They were very friendly and professional. They answered all of the many questions and concerns so that by the end of the project, I was 100% satisfied.

Dave J of Hollis, NH | 2019-12-16

We had a complete roof shingle replacement done by Vaillancourt this past fall. My feedback of the experience follows. Overall I am very satisfied with the work, if they had only done a better job cleaning up it would have been even excellent, more on that below.Pricing:I obtained roofing quotes from 4 companies, Vaillancourt wasn't the most expensive, but defiantly in the premium price range at more than 50% above 2 others.I choose them because I felt the higher cost was going to be worth it. Specifically, the premium price seemed justified because:1) They were big enough to have office staff and a human to answer their phone instead of some guy working out of his truck, but not too big to be a national or franchise operation where nobody cares.2) Their office staff kept me up to date on schedules, what to expect, etc...3) Their quote/estimate included some repairs and more comprehensive items that the others didn't include.4) They are a top tier platinum preferred contractor from Owens Corning.5) The sales guy spent time going through our options for which products were worth spending extra on vs. not.Sales:My evaluation visit was thorough including pictures/video of problem areas found while on the roof, plus they were the only contractor that wanted to see the inside of our attic for an inspection.The sales person was knowledgeable about product options, but I felt they are working off of a well-tuned sales script. After our first visit, he was reachable for several follow up questions by email or txt and responded quickly.Install:I was somewhat disappointed to see workers show up in no-name vans with Mass. Commercial plates. While the work was supervised by a Vaillancourt project manager, the on-roof and ground support crews seemed to be mostly sub contractors. The project manager confirmed they use subs, but said they use the same crews every day and worked well together.The project manager spent most of the time on-site only leaving to haul loads of debris away. I don't think he ever got on our roof though, but instead was inspecting and checking the worker's progress from the ground.A few of the roof crew weren't very vigilant tethering themselves to the structure for safety. They wore harnesses and tethered ropes were available, however some workers weren't attached to the ropes when doing what I would consider risky things such as carrying heavy loads of shingles along the ridges.They didn't follow Owens Corning's installation instructions exactly, something I would have expected a Platinum Preferred contractor to do. There may be training or supplemental material I'm unaware of, but I noted these items from the public install documentation. Specifically: a) Weatherlock Flex should not be installed in less than 40F temperature unless it has been stored in room-temperature conditions prior to install, they installed the rolls when it was 20F outside having been left outside overnight; and b) The Platinum Protection Warranty requires that the roofing system be installed on a clean deck including the removal of old ice/water membrane material, they cleared all old material except for the old ice/water shield and then installed the new ice/water shield over it.While these items are minor and I don't expect any practical issues, I had very high expectations for the completeness and attention to detail.The crews did a reasonable job protecting our house and landscaping given the magnitude of what was occurring. However, one of them stepped through our ceiling while doing a repair in our attic (he was not paying attention where he was walking). The project manager immediately said they would arrange for and pay someone to repair it (which they did).Cleanup:One area that I wasn't very satisfied with was the completeness of cleanup of our yard. They swept our lawn and driveway with their magnetic contraption for picking up nails but not in our planting beds or gravel areas. Large obvious debris was removed, but there was huge amounts of smaller items left.I spent an hour the next day walking our property picking up items. I found about 15 nails, 10+ large (>3") shingle fragments, 100+ pieces of plastic film that had blown everywhere (from the backing of the old shingles), a few dozen bits of pink plastic wrap, about 5 cigarette butts, a few small cut pieces of drip edge and flashing, random plastic bags, and some left over food wrappers. I found a few more items each day for several weeks, mostly small fragments of shingle and small plastic film.Quality of work:Our new roof looks fantastic and I'm sure it's a thousand times better than our old one. We certainly have a high quality roof well beyond what I would expect from a discount roofer or new construction job where the hidden aspects are subject skimping on materials or sloppy work in the name of costs.From the sales to install crew, they spent time to make sure all the unseen important parts (high quality materials and good attention to ice/water shield and flashing placement) were done correctly.Post-install:The previously mentioned ceiling repair was complete within a week. Vaillancourt followed up with a phone call making sure we were satisfied with that repair.Our sales person also paid us a visit, but he seemed more interested in adding us to his reference list than obtaining specific feedback.Areas for improvement:The project manager shouldn't be the one to drive trailers of debris away mid-day, he should be on-site the entire time.Yard cleanup could be much better. The entire crew should be walking the grounds picking up items (even small stuff), it seemed this cleanup work was delegated to only a few of the 2nd tier ground support workers.If work goes up to or past sunset, a small cleanup crew should come back the next day to do a thorough job.

Chris W of Bedford, NH | 2019-11-22

Everyone was very professional, and punctual. The products were a good quality. They left job site very clean.

Bruce M of Peterborough, NH | 2019-11-12

I was happy with all areas of my dealing with Adam Vaillancourt Roofing.

John W of Merrimack, NH | 2019-11-07

They did a great job and used quality materials. The job was completed on the committed schedule and the team worked quickly and efficiently.

Hannah W of Milford, NH | 2019-10-31

They were really helpful and I felt comfortable that they took their time, explained everything to me, and answered any questions that I had. They have a good reputation with my neighbors and family that have used them!

Steve R of Nashua, NH | 2019-10-31

The Team at Vaillancourt Roofing was great! From Rob's project proposal to Travis' installation crew, the project went very well. We replaced all the fascia (behind the gutters) so there was a lot of construction in addition to the roof installation. The finished project makes the house look great!

Robert & Loretta T of Merrimack, NH | 2019-10-08

I don't know what else to say besides it was excellent.

James T of Temple, NH | 2019-10-08

Adam Vaillancourt Roofing did everything as promised, did a good quality of work, and they were on time.

Charles H of Peterborough, NH | 2019-09-23

The salesperson and installation crew were excellent. The quality of materials is excellent. They got the job done in one day and I was surprised by that.

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Adam Vaillancourt Roofing and Construction is a family owned and operated roofing company that NH & MA customers can trust.