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Big Fish Roofing Inc

23 Ratings
6821 Southpoint Dr N | STE 114 | Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 685-8334
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96% Quality Of Workmanship
96% Value Received
85% Likely To Recommend
88% Communication

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Mariych T of Jacksonville, FL | 2020-08-14

I really like this company because everything went well on my project. Everything they did for me was perfect, and everybody there was good. I would recommend them to everybody.

Mary E of Orange Park, FL | 2020-08-05

I am not happy with Big Fish Roofing at all. Number 1.) They came out to remove the roof shingles and install the new shingles. There was a group of nine or ten men, a foreman, and a foreman's helper. When the actual roof was taken off and installed, it was all done in one day. In a ten hour period, I had three men that I caught going behind my shed to pee all over my fence. While I was sitting in my garage, a group of men walked by going out the gate to the front yard. One young man hung back, thirty feet away from me, zipped down his zipper, whipped one out, and peed right in front of me onto my grass. When I saw this I got up, walked out and stood behind him. When he realized he was busted, he said, 'No hablo Ingles.'--he said he didn't speak English. When I called the company to let them know what had happened, the young lady acted mortified that this happened. When Mike the owner called the foreman, he gave them an earful, but when I got back, I never received an apology from anyone. I was so mad I left. I had to go to the store anyway. After having that kid pee in my yard, I got in my car and immediately went to the store to go shopping. When I came home there was still no apology, no nothing, and the foreman and his helper sat in the back of his truck all day. That sent me into a tailspin. Number 2: When they finally got finished for the day and left, I walked very carefully around the outside of the house looking for any issues. In a 24 hour period, I found seven nails that I stepped on. After I had stepped on seven nails, I wound up with an infection in my left foot. When I heard the rain coming down the next day, I heard something coming through the gutters. It was nothing but nails coming through all of my gutters. I personally found 2,000 nails. I called them and asked them to please come out and rerun the magnet around the house. They were fully aware of the 2,000 nails I found. When I called and told them that there were all these nails coming out, they sent the foreman's helper over to take a look. When he showed up, he didn't even have a ladder to go up and look in the gutters. He saw the nails that had already come through the gutters and hand picked up what he could. Then I had to call them back a third time to come out with the magnet, bring a ladder, and remove the rest of the nails from the gutters. When Mike Snyder came out to sell us the new roof, we made comment to him every time we've had a new roof we've always gotten a flat tire. That assured us that would not happen. As of this past Sunday, 10 nails and a tetanus shot later--no 11 nails and a tetanus shot later--I'm still finding nails. I'm very displeased with the company and the handling of what went on here.

Paul T of Saint Johns, FL | 2020-07-24

Very satisfied. Excellent workmanship. Competitively priced. Thorough post-job clean-up. Good communications. Very timely.

William B of Saint Johns, FL | 2020-07-21

Quality workmanship, fair prices and timely process to replace. I would highly recommended Big Fish to others.

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