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Semper Solaris Construction Inc

356 Ratings
1805 John Towers Ave | El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 715-4054
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63% Communication
83% Quality Of Workmanship
69% Likely To Recommend
81% Value Received

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Matthew B of Barstow, CA | 2020-10-23

They were great!

Jeffrey G of San Diego, CA | 2020-10-05

Phil did a great job. The construction workers did an outstanding job. They put in overtime to get it done. I'd recommend Semper for anybody if they asked me. I'd add Ceaser's name in here, the manager, Jeffrey--one of the workers, and the other guy who was working with him, too.

Jessica M & Mark G of Lakeside, CA | 2020-09-28

I purchased a new roof, new AC and solar from Semper. All three were done by seemingly independent departments at Semper Solaris. Each install was fraught with problems. AC components were installed incorrectly several times, and wiring was wrong resulting in shorting inside the panel and melting wires; could have started a fire in my house. Roofers broke several items, patio furniture, etc. , and clean up was poor. Reimbursement of damaged items took almost 2months. All new wood is supposed to at least have a prime coat, yet I am discovering raw wood in several locations. Install of new fascia resulted in damage/cracks to existing wood in multiple locations.Solar junction box and inverter were placed in an area that is an eyesore after asking it to be placed in a different location. This happened while I was at work. This would have been slightly inconvenient for them however now I have to live with the eyesore. There was never a walk through with me, the homeowner, for the solar once completed. There were plenty of walkthroughs with the inspectors but not with me. After the final walkthrough with the inspector, two days later I found they left the main electric panel open with 400 volts live exposed. This could have resulted in someone’s death. This is only a snapshot of the issues I had. No one department seemed to know what the other was doing. Before signing the contract, the salesman was readily available and response time was quick. Once the contract was signed and I was having problem after problem, he was extremely difficult to contact and the response time turned into more than a week to call back.

Elaine L & Pui H of Santa Clara, CA | 2020-09-07

They offer high-quality roofing materials and solar equipment. However, there have been multiple issues regarding roofing material not being appropriate for my particular roof, and multiple issues related to payments (someone lost my check and they overcharged my credit card. After a couple of months, I'm still trying to get credited for the overcharge). Also, the roofing and solar divisions of the company don't appear to communicate with each other. Just be prepared to be a persistent advocate for yourself if things don't go smoothly.

Michael M of Chula Vista, CA | 2020-08-12

Semper Solaris did an amazing job roofing my house. Big thank you to the salesperson Dacy and the roofing supervisor Cesar! They made the process easy. I appreciate the open communication to explain the demo and installation process.

Rachel S of Redwood City, CA | 2020-08-04

The roofing material is top rated and the crews were professional.

Florence B of Sylmar, CA | 2020-07-31

All the people I dealt with at Semper Solaris were knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. My roof was done well and on time.

Glenn S of Costa Mesa, CA | 2020-07-31

Semper Solaris did a strong job with my roof and solar installation and tried very hard to fix a very challenging leak issue. They stuck with that problem until it was resolved.

Tom M of San Diego, CA | 2020-07-30

Great job; showed up on on time and stayed on schedule from beginning to end. We did full new roof and solar. Would highly recommend.

Eric S of San Diego, CA | 2020-05-23

Solid company. Quality work and finishes quickly.

Henry H of Santa Fe Spgs, CA | 2020-05-22

They did an excellent job. I would want to hire them again in the future for solar panels.

Cecilia & Lee S of La Mesa, CA | 2020-05-11

Outstanding experience in value, quality, and workmanship!

Jacque K of Poway, CA | 2020-05-07

I am just glad that my project is completed. I cannot and will never recommend that you use Semper Solaris for any roofing needs. Get a roofing company! use them for solar if you want the solar guys are fine.

John B of Huntingtn Bch, CA | 2020-05-07

Extremely satisfied!

Norman T & Agnes S of Oakland, CA | 2020-05-07

I feel like I've been scammed. Working with Semper Solaris has been super stressful and a major time and money suck. Sales: My sales person just straight up lied to me. Communication: There was no point person for my project, the first go was a disaster, and then every crew that showed up after wasn't sure what they were doing, and told me that he previous crew did it wrong. I was never allowed to speak to ANY management throughout a very stressful process. I'm still discovering mistakes and disappointments after they came here 5+ times. I really wish I could get a complete redo on the roof job. Materials: Not high quality, I would say medium to low quality (do your research!, read the contract carefully!), overpriced for all materials. Worst of all my house is now hotter, less insulated, and my first electricity bill is the SAME as last year before I got solar and my rates went up. Getting solar is probably not worth it, unless you are doing it for environmental reasons, do the numbers and talk to PG&E.

Toni A of Riverside, CA | 2020-04-18

This company does NOT communicate well at all with the clients. Whenever there was a problem, and there were lots of problems, I would attempt contact only to be ignored and lied to. I went with this company because they carry a 5 star rating and are ex military as am I. What should've been a two week project at most turned into 5 months with a broken pillar on day one and I had to hire someone myself to fix it. Shingle siding that was taken off that should NEVER have been removed and took weeks to get someone to finally get it taken care of. Not only will I NOT recommend this company to friends and family, I will go out of my way to tell them to go elsewhere.

James & Jess K of Riverside, CA | 2020-04-06

Semper Solaris Construction did quality work and they were very professional.

Jacquie D of San Diego, CA | 2020-03-27

At each point throughout this project, SS staff has kept me in the loop, sent reminders and updates, and has actually gone above and beyond.

Josh & Kelly V of El Cajon, CA | 2020-03-26

They are a well-organized company that does great work.

Gustavo D of Oakland, CA | 2020-03-26

The people at Semper are very nice, but as a company they are very disorganized. They don't complete the promise but if they got their act together then they would be a great company.

Stefan J of Pasadena, CA | 2020-02-21

The follow up with Semper Solaris was not always on time. I had to request them multiple times to get back to me. The job took over half a year. It was a headache to get the job done.

Allan & Cheri C of San Diego, CA | 2020-01-10

From our first meeting to get information about the project until it was completed we had excellent communication and all schedules were met as discussed. When additional work was required due to deteriorated wood under our old roof we were not surprised and we felt the additional cost was fair and it did not delay the project.

Maria O of Downey, CA | 2020-01-06

The company was good once the work was done. When it comes to the office staff, they need a little help.

Paul T of Tehachapi, CA | 2020-01-03

They provided me with a better and cheaper option than their competition. The work was done on time and they cleaned up after themselves. The roof looks great.

Youichi N of La Puente, CA | 2020-01-03

Overall, work quality and final roof looks good, but it was a stressful to coordinate/argue with staff regarding change orders and cost. For example, a payment check that was paid to the contractor was forgotten and was charged again in the final billing, thus delaying our final bill document for over a month. The disposal fee for an additional layer was not included in the initial billing which added $990. Contractor will not show for appointment times without any followup calls. Miscommunication between the office staff and the contractor led to contractor not knowing the change orders in the field. At one point, I thought of changing roofing companies, but ended up going with them due to the deposit not coming back.

David & Francesca C of El Cerrito, CA | 2019-12-23

Semper was organized and communicated effectively throughout the entire process of our roofing and solar installation process.It was a great team effort.

Michael & Sandra D of Riverside, CA | 2019-11-18

I am happy I went with Semper Solaris!

Wenyan L of Monterey Park, CA | 2019-11-04

They paid attention to detail. I love the work they did.

Farah & Florian H of La Mesa, CA | 2019-10-30

We were not happy with the sales person. He was dishonest about who would be doing the work. We went with Semper Solaris because they hire and provide jobs for US military and they sent us Hernandez roofing instead. We hired Semper Solaris not Hernandez. The sales person tried to justify it by saying they were the tear off crew and actual Semper Solaris employees would show up to do the work with Semper Solaris uniforms...complete lie. The work was started in September and when it was finally complete with all the mistakes corrected, it was March of the following year. There were many mistakes, sloppy work, unthoughtful to rain in the forecast, nails sticking out, broken rain gutters (which I saw the crew standing on), color and size issues of flashings etc. We were going to do solar with them too but not after our horrible experience.

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