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CENVAR Roofing

259 Ratings
493 Crowell Ln | Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 841-8898
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Owen B of Concord, VA | 2020-10-22

The guys were really nice and efficient.

Margaret S of Gretna, VA | 2020-10-21

The experience from start to finish was very good.

Charles J of Amherst, VA | 2020-10-07

They did a fine job and provided quality materials and workmanship.

Linda & Warren C of Amherst, VA | 2020-10-05

They were excellent in every way!

Lawrence D of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-10-03

They were very knowledgeable, efficient, and they did a beautiful job cleaning up. They were just great all the way around. Best experience I have had for roofing.

Tony W of Forest, VA | 2020-10-01

They were knowledgeable, professional, and had good work ethic!

Glenn C of Madison Hts, VA | 2020-09-30

They were great. There were very professional people. Everybody was professional and did a great job. I have no complaints except about the weave. I highly recommend them. If I do another roof, they will get the job.

Kenda M of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-09-28

I was very satisfied with the foreman, Ben. He was very helpful. He was always on-site and he actually helped us with some masonry work that we are going to get done on the chimney. We hadn't noticed it until we had the roof put on.

Raleigh H of Forest, VA | 2020-09-18

They're outstanding from beginning to end. The team worked well, they communicated well, and and overall I'm 100% satisfied.

Sylvia S of Altavista, VA | 2020-09-08

They did a good job.

Pat S of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-09-04

I was very impressed with the installation and how the men worked together. They were really good workers, I was very pleased with them.

Howard L of Bedford, VA | 2020-09-04


Nicole S of Brookneal, VA | 2020-08-27

We were very pleased and impressed with their work and professionalism.

Les P of Altavista, VA | 2020-08-26

The finished work is great. I did have some issues that needed to be taken care of. They handled the issues with such professionalism and courtesy. I really appreciate when they had Christian come out to resolve the issues. He did a wonderful job.

Bill M of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-08-14

Cenvar Roofing went above and beyond. They did what they said they would do. They were always on time and did an excellent job. The salesperson was honest and did try to hide anything from me. The company was very transparent with their proposal.

Ronnie P of Appomattox, VA | 2020-08-13

They did a good job and I am satisfied with their work.

Herbert D of Forest, VA | 2020-08-06

Cenvar Roofing is a first-class quality-minded company, they went above and beyond my expectations. They told me the job would take a day and a half, well they completed it in one full day. The left my yard and shrubbery cleaner than when they arrived. I am 100% satisfied!

Chris P of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-08-05

I was extremely pleased when the salesperson gave me the quote to the competition of the project. Everyone was super nice.

Angelia B of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-07-30

I was greatly impressed with the work they did for me.

Patricia W of HURT, VA | 2020-07-21

I was very pleased with every aspect of the job, everyone that i came in contact with was very professional but also personable.

Dennis M of Goode, VA | 2020-07-16

They had a good crew. I had no problems at all. I am happy.

Norman B of Huddleston, VA | 2020-07-10

This is the second time I have used Cenvar Roofing. The first time the company was called Lynchburg Roofing. Cenvar Roofing did my roof properly and correctly.

Marggie & Marsha R of Lynch Station, VA | 2020-07-09

I really do think they are a good company. I trust them and they do a great job.

Henry K of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-07-08

They are the best roofers around.

Mark V of Evington, VA | 2020-07-01

They did what they said they were going to do and they were on time. I am very satisfied.

Doris D of Forest, VA | 2020-06-17

They did a great job!

Mildred C of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-06-16

If you need quality work, courtesy, and respect, then I suggest Cenvar Roofing.

Harold T of Bedford, VA | 2020-06-16

Everything they did was high standard. Their crew was out of this world.

John H of Forest, VA | 2020-05-11

Very pleased with the work. It was high quality, the personnel were professional, and the attention to detail was outstanding.

Alen S of Concord, VA | 2020-05-04

Great experience overall with a skilled crew and project manager! Highly recommended!

Beverly G of Keysville, VA | 2020-04-21

Cenvar roofing did an exceptional job replacing my garage roof and gutters. The job was done professionally throughout the process of getting a free estimate to putting the roof on. I would definitely recommend Cenvar Roofing!

Renee C of Madison Hts, VA | 2020-03-24

They did a wonderful job. They definitely knew what they were doing.

Kenny & Sharon B of Evington, VA | 2020-03-24

Cenvar was extremely knowledgeable, their workmanship was great, and their personnel was kind generous and sincere. A great service for what was needed.

Joseph R of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-03-13

We highly recommend them, we are very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and they are great to deal with .

Virginia N of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-03-11

I was very impressed with the work they did and the workmanship. I used them again for a major job, and I felt confident going with them.

Regina S of Bedford, VA | 2020-02-18

They were all very nice.

Lucy B of Altavista, VA | 2020-02-18

Extremely satisfied!

Robert S of Bedford, VA | 2020-02-04

Ben did a really good job and communicated with us well.

Charles P of Madison Hts, VA | 2020-02-04

I was very impressed with their work and the way they do things.

Mark R of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-01-31

The company gave me a great deal and did a beautiful job. I am very happy and satisfied with the work this company did for me!

Paula D of Forest, VA | 2020-01-30

This was a awesome experience and went above and beyond to make everything right. The installers even worked in horrible weather.

William & Elizabeth H of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-01-30

They were professional, courteous and did a good job.

Juanita H of Altavista, VA | 2020-01-30

The whole process with Cenvar Roofing was absolutely awesome. Every time I had a question they would have an answer.

Matthew & Donna C of Evington, VA | 2020-01-30

They do excellent work and have an excellent product.

Whitney K of Amherst, VA | 2020-01-07

I am very satisfied and happy.

E.D.C. I of Goode, VA | 2019-12-19

This roof project was covered an extremely large area and the workmanship was maintained from apex to apex. Excellent attention was paid to maintaing straight roof lines. We are extremely pleased with the final product.

Terry P of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-12-16

I would recommend them to anybody. They did a good job.

Joseph M of Forest, VA | 2019-12-04

Cenvar Roofing did what they said they would and I am very pleased with the quality of their workmanship.

Dan E of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-11-26

I am a former home inspector, and I had observed the work that Cenvar had been doing. I had been wanting to talk to them about an estimate. Once I got the estimate, I thought it was favorable and reasonable. They were the contractor that I wanted to do my roof, so I didn't get any other estimates from other companies.

John P of Halifax, VA | 2019-11-25

I thought they were good, friendly, and I am satisfied. It is a great guarantee, better than anyone else's. They are up front with their prices. The quote I got initially, is what I paid.

David H of Bedford, VA | 2019-11-25

I dealt with other companies and had other bids, but I felt like I received the most professional bid that was very detailed. The quality of the work was very, very good. We were most pleased with both houses. We wouldn't have gone with them a second time if we weren't pleased with the first. They are good people to work with.

Chette N of Madison Hts, VA | 2019-11-22

CENVAR Roofing to a wonderful Job.

Sylvia A of Lynch Station, VA | 2019-11-20

They did a good job, they were nice and clean up well.

Faye F of Madison Hts, VA | 2019-11-19

I had a leak and they fixed the leak perfectly. I am very pleased with their workmanship, they were excellent.

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