Owens CorningPink® Fiberglas™ Insulation

Pink® Fiberglas™ Insulation

PINK Fiberglas Insulation

Meet your building code challenges the simple and affordable way.


Today, there are more insulation and air sealing options than ever. But for performance, value and ease of use, there’s still no better choice than Owens Corning. We understand the challenges you face – increasingly stringent building codes, growing labor shortages and the pressure to shorten the build cycle. So, we made it our mission to bring you affordable, high performance solutions that meet your needs.

Our portfolio of ProPink products, including ProPink ComfortSeal™ Framing Gasket, ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam and EnergyComplete®, enable you to address both insulation and air leakage at the same time, and offer you benefits other options cannot surpass.

Cellulose is Not the Answer


Contractor or builder, cellulose insulation is not a reliable answer.

Why? Harsh chemicals and wet, messy installation that requires more labor without added profit. Where fiberglass insulation reduces on-the-job downtime and protects your bottom line with quick, clean, easy and safe installation.

There’s just no comparison. Review the documents below to learn more about how Owens Corning® Fiberglas™ insulation blows cellulose insulation away.

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