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Industrial Insulation

Performance and Protection

Owens Corning offers an extreme portfolio of high-performing, long lasting mechanical solutions. From impermeable cellular glass insulation to fire-resistant mineral wool. Insulation for almost every industrial application. All backed by Owens Corning's extreme commitment to service and excellence. Trusted. To the extreme.

Insulation products across a broad service <span class='nowrap'>temperature spectrum</span>

  • -500ºF
  • -60ºF
  • 75ºF
  • 900ºF
  • 1200ºF
  1. Cold/Cryogenic
  2. Below
  3. Above Ambient
  4. High Temp Range
Cellular Glass
Foamglas® Products
Mineral Wool
Thermafiber® Products

Industrial Applications

Pipe & Equipment

Thermal insulation solutions ranging from cryogenic/cold to ambient and high temperature applications.

Tanks, Vessels, & Spheres

Thermal insulation solutions for storage terminals in a wide range of temperatures and applications.

Ovens, Boilers, & Furnaces

Thermafiber® helps conserve energy, provide protection, prevent condensation, and reduce noise for extreme heat applications.

Passive Fire Suppression

FOAMGLAS® PFS™ Systems for LNG Pool Fire Suppression


Marine certified solutions that are noncombustible, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive, nondeteriorating, and mildew resistant.

Foamglas® Insulation

Cellular glass insulation systems for industrial applications

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation offers long-term thermal performance and protection. FOAMGLAS® insulation is non-combustible, non-absorbent, impermeable, and has high compressive strength. It offers ideal properties for process piping and equipment, chilled water systems, storage tanks, passive fire protection, and more. The service temperature ranges from -450°F to 900°F (-268°C to +482°C).

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Mineral Wool Insulation

High-Performance Mineral Wool For Critical Applications

Thermafiber® Industrial Mineral Wool Insulation is designed for high temperatures in process industry and fire resistant applications. Our products are designed to perform in extreme conditions, maintain process temperatures, conserve energy, and reduce noise. They are suitable for temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C).

Explore Mineral Wool

Owens Corning® is proudly recognized as a 2020 NIA Premier Industry Manufacturer. This program recognizes and distinguishes exemplary companies as industry advocates and leaders.

Ebooks and Guides

Division Guide Specification eBook

The Division Mechanical Manufacturer's Guide eBook is an easy-to-use tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to view guide specifications, product data sheets, and green building program guides.

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3E Plus®

Owens Corning is proud to partner with 3E Plus® to deliver answers about using our insulation products in your business applications.

You can also download the 3E Plus® User Guide for any questions.

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