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ARAC Roof It Forward

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296 Bell Park Drive | Woodstock, GA 30188
(770) 217-0676
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Emily F of Woodstock, GA | 2019-06-12

We loved working with Rich! He took care of us from start to finish. He even handled calling our insurance for us.

David H of Woodstock, GA | 2019-05-06

They were good.

CHRIS E of Leesburg, GA | 2019-01-30

The service and quality was delivered as promised. I would highly recommend them.

DANIELLE V of Roswell, GA | 2019-01-28

Our job was completed quickly and properly. We had a great experience with ARAC: Roof It Forward.

Bob P of Smyrna, GA | 2018-07-17

ARAC's installation crew knocked off a downspout that emptied from the second story onto the roof of my garage. They left the downspout lying on the ground in the pile of removed old shingles and other trash. I personally retrieved it. It took 5 or more phone calls over a period of weeks to get a worker out to repair the downspout. The worker did not have the equipment to re-attach the downspout to the brick sidewall of my house.. So he took a short cut: He nailed the foot of the downspout onto the garage roof! He nailed through the new shingles. When he came down the ladder I protested that he had just nailed through mu new roof. He said he didn't have the tools or fasteners for re-attaching to the brick sidewall. When I insisted that was not satisfactory, he intimidated me (I am 75 years old and was recovering from abdominal surgery.He got right in my face and told me to put down the cell phone when I tried to call ARAC to complain. I was so afraid for my personal safety that I retreated into the house--and he got in his truck and floorboarded the engine and roared off.My salesman had disappeared/didn't return calls. I reached a manager of ARAC after a dozen calls attempted. He sent out a professional gutter and downspout company (not ARAC) a few weeks after the roof had been installed and the pros re-attached the downspout to the brick in about 10 minutes after they arrived. Plus, the pros sealed the hole in the shingles and deck created by the ARAC worker who nailed the foot of the downspout into my garage roof. I spent at least 5 hours over a period of two weeks before getting the ARAC exec to send out a professional crew to re-attach the downspout to the brick sidewall of my house.

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