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1805 John Towers Ave | El Cajon, CA 92020
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Karen E of Whittier, CA | 2019-03-13

Beware that you are hiring construction management or hiring a prime contractor that does not follow up on what their subcontractors are doing.

Ken L of Orangevale, CA | 2019-03-07

I chose Semper because I wanted to support a Veteran owned company. This was the worst experience my wife and I have had with a company in our 30+ year marriage. Don’t walk away from Semper Solaris, run!

Paul H of Van Nuys, CA | 2018-08-30

Internal communication on our project was very lacking, and caused multiple extra trips. The final project is working and the follow-up was good until the very end. the roofing materials are bleeding brown residue staining our home and concrete. the solar panels were installed in a configuration different from contract causing one of ten panels to function 15-30% lower than the rest due to a pipe vent shadow. Still waiting for proper paperwork to be filed for $700.00+ LADWP credit to be given.

Jonathan K of San Diego, CA | 2018-04-28

They did a fantastic job. The roof looks great, the solar is working without issue and they were professional and competitive. We did have some ongoing communication issues, having my contact info added to the account, rather than my spouse who was out of country with limited access to email or phone. However, the quality of the product and installation was fantastic.

Warren T of Tustin, CA | 2018-04-24

I have flipped and remodeled several houses over the years. I have rarely come across people with this level of professionalism and care. I would strongly recommend them to anyone!

Rachelle L of San Diego, CA | 2018-03-31

Rhami, the solar and roof consultant, was very good and communicative throughout the process. He explained everything well and I just hoped that the other crew did the same level of service as he did. When the roof was installed, I had issue with the mess and the crew not being organize and not being on time of what was agreed upon. Screws and washer were everywhere as they just used a blower to set aside all the dirt. My lawn and backyard was filled with screws/washer which should have been picked up instead of left alone for me to pick up. My plants were broken from when they laid the tarp to catch the roof debris (big and small). Garage was not cleaned after the installation of the roof and was filled with dirt and sharp pieces of wood and splinters. I had to call Sean (point of contact during the project) to come back for it to be cleaned. Sean seemed not very prepared as well. He had to come back to fix the loose wire that was left hanging on the edge of my roof after the roof installation and even then he didn't have ladder to use to fix it. He was also late on the day he fixed the issues and never gave me the courtesy to let me until I messaged him if he was still coming over. It seemed that my time was not valuable enough considering I went for what time was more convenient for him to avoid unnecessary delay as he was he had some prior engagement already. Overall, I am happy my solar and roof are both installed and is already done and seemed to be working great BUT the mess, disorganization, headache, and stress I went through I am not very pleased with. Having a solar and roof project is big enough stress, not to mention expensive, and the least thing a customer need to worry about is cleaning after someone's mess and having to stress about whether or not the issue will be fixed effectively. At the end of the day, what needs to be done is done, I just hoped it was done effectively and right the first time.

David R of San Diego, CA | 2018-03-26

Overall we are happy.

Carla M of El Cajon, CA | 2018-03-26

I think that they are a good company. They have outstanding service.

Bogdan M of Chula Vista, CA | 2018-03-20

They did complete the job but that should be a minimum standard, especially for what is advertised.

John C of San Rafael, CA | 2018-03-20

at this point I am satisfied with the job because my solar is working. I am still finding trash around the house that was left over from the job. The roofers took way too long. for example, the tear off company came to remove the roof. they drove their truck up the driveway and realized it was too steep. they started to back up and their truck's brakes gave way. they are lucky they ran into a retaining wall, else they would have continued into the house below. once the roofing company came, they started the job and put half the roof covering on. they said they'd be back the next day. However, they decided it was time to go skiing instead. the job took over a month and a half to complete. my neighbors replaced their roof and it took only 3 days from tear off to completion.

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