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Fred K of Orange, CA | 2019-05-20

The work was completed on schedule in a professional manner.

Naomi S of Redlands, CA | 2019-05-13

They did a wonderful job. We have no complaints. All the way from the salesperson to the finishing details were all handled very professionally, and I appreciate their staff.

Gary C of Los Angeles, CA | 2019-05-13

I found them personal, professional, and knowledgeable. They blew everyone else that I researched out of the water.

Travis V of Lakewood, CA | 2019-05-10

The salesman at Semper Solaris indicated to me that this entire project would be completed by Semper Solaris employees and that they didn't subcontract out parts of the job. Ultimately, this was not the truth. We paid a premium price because we were told that Semper we be our company through the entire project. I could have saved literally thousands of dollars (Semper was, by far, the highest quote we received for this job) going with the second most expensive company, but we didn't because of the assurance that we would not have to deal with a subcontractor. The subcontractor used by Semper assigned 1 or 2 workers to our roof, and they usually showed up well after noon, if at all. The job should have taken 3 days, and it took a week, culminating with 2 workers on my roof until 9pm in an attempt to beat a predicted rainstorm the next day.

Christopher A of Orange, CA | 2019-05-09

The solar installation went smoothly, but the re-roofing was an absolute cluster of a nightmare. No one reviewed the roof photos before they began tearing off the roof, otherwise they would have realized the existing shingles were attached to Isoboard instead of plywood, and you can't attach new shingles to Isoboard under current building codes. I was notified of this only after 75% of the roof had been torn off and a massive storm was due in less than 48 hours. I was then told that I would need to sign a $7000 change order to lay all of the new plywood, and hopefully we would get lucky and have a city inspector out the following morning to approve the plywood installation so water proofing could get done before the storm arrived. Lucky for me, they accepted some fault for not reviewing the photos so I didn't have to pay the full change order, and the inspector showed up first thing in the morning and approved the install so the water proofing was able to get done. Mostly. One of the bathroom clean out caps got cracked and began leaking. Lucky for me, my roommate was home when it began pouring rain an hour after I left for work for the day and notified me of the large puddle of water in his bathroom. We were able to get someone to come out and cover the leaky vent shortly after. Unfortunately, they also covered every other vent on the house including my water heater and furnace. Lucky for me, they have safety sensors that can detect this, and instead of filling my house with carbon monoxide they just made themselves unusable. So I was without hot water or central heating for 2 of the wettest and coldest days of the year. The roof shingles were installed after the rain stopped, and then I had hot water, but no heating. It took a couple days, but I figured out that sometime while re-roofing they had indiscriminately taken a saw to vents on the roof, and they had installed a generic furnace cap on a drain clean out, and a generic drain clean out cap on top of my concentrically vented furnace cap. This is a special type of intake and exhaust for high efficiency furnaces, and the unit will not operate unless properly installed, and needs to be completely re-installed when cut as it was. So the roofers cut things they absolutely should not have been cutting, and then installed the wrong caps on the wrong vents. It took a few site visits and several hours and finally me smelling the improperly capped bathroom clean out vent to prove to the installers that they were mistaken. It took me smelling literal shit to convince them of the error. Then, without any notice to me, they arrived in the middle of the afternoon with an HVAC technician and told my roommate that they were there to do work inside the house. I was only notified because my roommate called me thinking it was a little odd that I wouldn't be there for this, so I made my way over immediately and arrived about 30 minutes after the technician. Lucky for me, the technician that arrived agreed with my diagnosis of the problem without me having to smell shit again, and Semper agreed to reimburse me any costs for fixing the furnace.

Ray H of San Diego, CA | 2019-05-07

My experience with the design and construction process with Semper Solaris definately exceeded all of my expectations. I would recommend Seper Solaris highly to anyone considering roof replacement coordinated with solar installation.

James & Nancy S of Julian, CA | 2019-05-02

Great company to work with. The middle of winter is not a great time to do roofing in the mountains. Rain and Snow delayed the installation. Frustrating for the company but they smiled through it. We are well satisfied with our purchase.

Cynthia D of El Cajon, CA | 2019-04-03

For the most part, we had a good experience but when I noticed an issue with the installation, the foreman did not want to correct it until an hour or longer of talking to him and convincing him I was not happy!

Karen E of Whittier, CA | 2019-03-13

Beware that you are hiring construction management or hiring a prime contractor that does not follow up on what their subcontractors are doing.

Ken L of Orangevale, CA | 2019-03-07

I chose Semper because I wanted to support a Veteran owned company. This was the worst experience my wife and I have had with a company in our 30+ year marriage. Don’t walk away from Semper Solaris, run!

Paul H of Van Nuys, CA | 2018-08-30

Internal communication on our project was very lacking, and caused multiple extra trips. The final project is working and the follow-up was good until the very end. the roofing materials are bleeding brown residue staining our home and concrete. the solar panels were installed in a configuration different from contract causing one of ten panels to function 15-30% lower than the rest due to a pipe vent shadow. Still waiting for proper paperwork to be filed for $700.00+ LADWP credit to be given.

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