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493 Crowell Ln | Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 841-8898
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Regina S of Bedford, VA | 2020-02-18

They were all very nice.

Lucy B of Altavista, VA | 2020-02-18

Extremely satisfied!

Charles P of Madison Hts, VA | 2020-02-04

I was very impressed with their work and the way they do things.

Robert S of Bedford, VA | 2020-02-04

Ben did a really good job and communicated with us well.

Mark R of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-01-31

The company gave me a great deal and did a beautiful job. I am very happy and satisfied with the work this company did for me!

Juanita H of Altavista, VA | 2020-01-30

The whole process with Cenvar Roofing was absolutely awesome. Every time I had a question they would have an answer.

Paula D of Forest, VA | 2020-01-30

This was a awesome experience and went above and beyond to make everything right. The installers even worked in horrible weather.

Matthew & Donna C of Evington, VA | 2020-01-30

They do excellent work and have an excellent product.

William & Elizabeth H of Lynchburg, VA | 2020-01-30

They were professional, courteous and did a good job.

Whitney K of Amherst, VA | 2020-01-07

I am very satisfied and happy.

E.D.C. I of Goode, VA | 2019-12-19

This roof project was covered an extremely large area and the workmanship was maintained from apex to apex. Excellent attention was paid to maintaing straight roof lines. We are extremely pleased with the final product.

Terry P of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-12-16

I would recommend them to anybody. They did a good job.

Joseph M of Forest, VA | 2019-12-04

Cenvar Roofing did what they said they would and I am very pleased with the quality of their workmanship.

Dan E of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-11-26

I am a former home inspector, and I had observed the work that Cenvar had been doing. I had been wanting to talk to them about an estimate. Once I got the estimate, I thought it was favorable and reasonable. They were the contractor that I wanted to do my roof, so I didn't get any other estimates from other companies.

John P of Halifax, VA | 2019-11-25

I thought they were good, friendly, and I am satisfied. It is a great guarantee, better than anyone else's. They are up front with their prices. The quote I got initially, is what I paid.

David H of Bedford, VA | 2019-11-25

I dealt with other companies and had other bids, but I felt like I received the most professional bid that was very detailed. The quality of the work was very, very good. We were most pleased with both houses. We wouldn't have gone with them a second time if we weren't pleased with the first. They are good people to work with.

Chette N of Madison Hts, VA | 2019-11-22

CENVAR Roofing to a wonderful Job.

Sylvia A of Lynch Station, VA | 2019-11-20

They did a good job, they were nice and clean up well.

Faye F of Madison Hts, VA | 2019-11-19

I had a leak and they fixed the leak perfectly. I am very pleased with their workmanship, they were excellent.

Karl K of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-10-25

They did a fantastic job from start to finish. They were neat and professional. We are thrilled with their work.

William & Judith M of Amherst, VA | 2019-10-21

Cenvar Roofing was very good to work with and stood behind what they offered us. They did have to correct something with our driveway, but we are very pleased. corrected

Centenary U of Pamplin, VA | 2019-10-15

It was absolutely seamless and the best experience in the world.

C.H. M of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-10-15

Cenvar Roofing did a satisfactory job.

William F of Gretna, VA | 2019-10-08

They are good people, you can trust them & they do exactly what they say they will do.

John K of Forest, VA | 2019-09-30

Emily came and did the proposal and did a great job from the start. Veda from the office did a great job communicating. The job went efficiently, the crew came in bright and early and had everything cleaned up and left that same day. The guy that came out and did a inspection and he addressed issues and inspected the work that was done. Their organization was great and we only took the one proposal because we were quite impressed with the recommendations that we received.

Doug M of Rustburg, VA | 2019-09-24

Very satisfied with the quality of the work . The installation crew did a really good job.

Linda L of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-09-19

They were honest and wonderful, timely and professional.

Betty M of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-09-17

I love it! I am extremely pleased and the color I chose looks wonderful.

Judy M of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-09-12

It looks like it gave my house 100 brand new years, it looks wonderful.

Dixie K of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-09-12

They were easy to work with. They did an excellent job and we are very pleased!

Tom C of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-09-05

They were excellent in everything they did.

Jesse W of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-08-29

Tom was very helpful. I am located out of state and he kept me in the loop on everything by sending photos and keeping in touch with me throughout the project.

David H of Amherst, VA | 2019-08-28

I love my roof, it is beautiful!

Mike K of Lynch Station, VA | 2019-08-22

Cenvar Roofing was very courteous, professional, did quality work, communicated well. They did the job professionally and in a timely manner. I have nothing but good things to say about them and their quality of work.

Agnes K of Amherst, VA | 2019-08-21

They did a very good job.

Donald A of Forest, VA | 2019-08-15

The onsite lead supervisor was very helpful.

Steve A of Spout Spring, VA | 2019-08-12

They have excellent products and work. The follow up with billing was not good.

Jw I of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-08-01

It was a great experience and they were very professional in the field and office. It was a pleasure working with them.

David & Abby O of Evington, VA | 2019-07-31

They did the work promptly, and the foreman was excellent. He made sure that things went smoothly, and kept me updated in detail about the process of the project. Everyone was very professional. They cleaned up after themselves thoroughly, as well.

Ginger B of Forest, VA | 2019-07-31

The sales staff was excellent, and they worked harder than they had to to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Allen C of Amherst, VA | 2019-07-30

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the crew. The supervisor did not have to give a lot of instructions. They all knew their job and they went about it in a businesses-like manner.

Helen C of Madison Heights, VA | 2019-07-23

We were just really happy with everything that did. They were very professional, and we appreciated it.

Ronnie W of Gretna, VA | 2019-07-18

I was impressed with their workmanship.

Jeff W of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-07-17

They did a great job, they are very professional and kind

Holly G of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-07-11

Getting a new roof can be very stressful, however, Lynchburg Roofing made it as painless as possible. Everybody was courteous, kind, and very thorough. We are very satisfied with the work, and they exceeded my husband's expectations. I would recommend them.

Bill & Linda H of Forest, VA | 2019-07-08

I was very satisfied with everything.

Ralph S of Amherst, VA | 2019-06-20

From start to finish it was extremely acceptable and good. We had some trouble with the weather and getting the job done but that was beyond our control. They finished the job up promptly with no problems.

Donald D of Madison Hts, VA | 2019-06-10

I was very impress with the 6 person crew and how they worked togetherto get the old two layer roof off and installing the new roof. This was a class actof people working together and I was really impress with the clean up after the job was done

Robert S of Appomattox, VA | 2019-06-07

I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! I have had them out to my house twice because of the quality of the workmanship and the company!

Chris B of Huddleston, VA | 2019-06-07

I told a few people that they are like a fine-tuned antique car.

Gene & Tina A of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-06-05

Lynchburg Roofing has superior customer service, extraordinary knowledge, and workmanship ethic.

Scott T of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-06-03

Final clean-up was not good. I found several nails out in the open, cigarette butts in the yard, etc. Additionally, I reported several days after the work was complete that the workers had broken a slide in the back yard. No one from Lynchburg Roofing ever contacted me about the damage.

Jeff R of Bedford, VA | 2019-06-03

Excellent team and excellent staff in the office. First class organization.

Darin T of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-05-24

They were great. I could not asked for better service.

Ricky B of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-05-23

Lynchburg Roofing came in and worked well and quickly. When the installation crew left, the job site was left in excellent condition. Additionally, Lynchburg Roofing made sure to clean up after themselves and clean up stuff they did not have to.

Ronald T of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-05-16

Everything was real nice, and the guys did a good job!

Shah K of Amherst, VA | 2019-05-15

Excellent experience.

Sue S of Forest, VA | 2019-05-02

I had an issue with attic cleanup, which was addressed and resolved promptly.

James P of Bedford, VA | 2019-05-01

Outstanding service and the job was completed on time. The workers are very efficient. I was thoroughly impressed with the entire project from the first call on the estimate to the completion of the job.

Linda K of Rustburg, VA | 2019-04-17

Great quality at a great price.

May Y of Gladys, VA | 2019-03-27

They did a great job.

Daniel D of Big Island, VA | 2019-03-27

Everything was done satisfactorily. They responded to all my concerns and everything worked out great.

Tracy Y of Lynchburg, VA | 2019-03-21

They are very professional, clean, and they did a good job on the roof. Everything looks good!

David C of Forest, VA | 2019-03-20

Lynchburg Roofing did a great job and so far we are happy.

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