Introducing Aircare™

A contractor program with a whole-home approach to HVAC sales

By partnering with Owens Corning to add duct retrofit and attic re-insulation solutions to your offering you can:
  • Improve take per job
  • Increase off-season sales
  • Elevate your brand reputation and customer loyalty
  • Be featured on the Owens Corning HVAC Contractor Locator for referrals

Leverage a huge opportunity in HVAC with the power of the Owens Corning brand

Of Existing Homes Need some duct work and/or attic insulation
of existing homes get duct work
Duct retrofit opportunity

Expand your opportunity in hvac sales

See why elevating your business is simple with our whole-home approach to HVAC sales. Adding duct replacement and attic insulation services can help add value for you and your customers.

Customer Success Story

An additional $100,000 in revenue

Find out how one HVAC contractor increased revenue by 100K in a single quarter, just by adding the Owens Corning insulation upgrade service.

Optimize your Off-Season

For HVAC contractors in the southern U.S., adding attic re-insulation and duct retrofit projects helps keep your crews busy, even in the off-season. With more jobs in the slow season, you can help recoup Q2 or Q3 losses due to Covid-19, while building a balanced business model with steady sales so you can keep your crews busy year-round.

You’re going out for a $500 or $1,000 call, and it turns into insulation… and those will sometimes turn into duct jobs and install jobs as well. A simple job that was $500 or $1,000 could potentially be 15, 20 grand.
Florida Area Retrofit Contractor

Get the training, products and tools to get the job done—all with a brand that homeowners trust

Help Protect the In-home Environment

Homeowners are more concerned than ever with indoor air quality. Our whole-home approach makes it easy to talk to your customers about ways you can help protect their in-home environment. Our HVAC System Health Check brochure is just one of the sales tools you’ll get to create conversations that win with customers and help generate additional opportunities.

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Free Diagnostic Toolkit with Training

Transform your in-home sales process with our proven messaging and sales tools. Our HVAC System Health Check Toolkit uses simple tests and powerful data to educate your customers on how to optimize their in-home environment. To find out how to get the toolkit for your business, along with our local marketing support, financing options and more, apply for our free training program.

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At Owens Corning, we’re Moving Air Forward® so you can move your business forward

Now is the time to expand your opportunity in HVAC sales. Contact a rep to get started today!

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