The science behind systems that work

Owens Corning’s Building Science Solutions Center has expertise in insulation solutions to help you understand thermal impact on Energy Consumption, Economics and the Environment.

Dr. Achilles Karagiozis, Director of Building Science at Owens Corning 

How we can help.

Thermal Resistance Estimation: Assistance with insulation material selection and calculation of “effective” system R‐ and U‐values to provide optimal thermal solutions that comply with energy standards and codes.

Thermal Overlay Limited Warranty: Thermal overlay limited warranty for qualified protected roof membrane assemblies (PRMA) that may utilize loose stone ballast, concrete pavers or vegetative roof overburden.

  • Limited warranty covers thermal performance of the insulation and resistance to wind blow off for the insulation and overburden when designed and installed in accordance with prescribed standards
  • A water tightness warranty may be provided by a variety of cooperating fluid-applied and single-ply membrane manufacturers

Precast Concrete Wall System Planning: Connection to a full line of concrete insulation systems and relating technical advice. This service is a unique blend of practical thinking and real world experience.

  • Recommendations on details
  • Efficient panel planning
  • Thermal analysis on potential projects

Owens Corning Commercial Insulation Course Offerings:  Educational sessions that aid in keeping up on ever-increasing regulations, trends and demands that shape the commercial foam insulation industry.

Insulating Equipment Systems: Assistance for contractors and specification writers in calculating insulation thickness for:

  • Condensation control
  • Personal protection (keeping the outside of the jacket below 140°F)
  • Thermal performance of mechanical systems located in unconditioned spaces and outside the building

Owens Corning’s Building Science Solutions Center uses the (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association) NAIMA 3E Plus® software and heat flow calculation method described in ASTM C680.

Thermal Performance Code Compliance: Fully documented commercial wall systems making specification more efficient, performance more reliable, and missing a critical detail less likely.

Specification Review :  Review by our AEC Team that affirms master specification for accuracy of sections in Division 7.

Division 7 Thermal & Moisture Protection eBook: View valuable Division 7 materials including product data sheets, 3-part system specifications, ICC-ES Code Reports and more.

Product Recommendations

Mechanical Pipe and Equipment 

In our Mechanical Pipe and Equipment line we combine the mechanical insulation expertise of our people with industry-leading service to innovate durable and easy-to-install products. This offers low install cost and high performance to help reduce the risk of lost business, damaged reputation and callbacks.

Owens Corning® Enclosure Solutions  

Owens Corning® Enclosure Solutions deliver one of the largest portfolios of commercial insulation products for walls, roofs and below-grade foundations, covering a range of construction types with customizable components you can select to fit the needs of your project. Best of all, it’s backed by the expert advisors and technical resources of Owens Corning. It’s solutions for you, simplified.

Case Studies

Kent State University, College of Architecture and Environmental Design Kent, OH