Formaldehyde-Free Thermafiber® Mineral Wool Insulation

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The first and only formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation in North America.


As the first and only formaldehyde free mineral wool insulation in North America, the new formaldehyde-free Thermafiber® mineral wool insulation solutions represent a breakthrough for architects, specifiers and contractors interested in achieving green building standards.

Thermafiber® SAFB (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) is available for specification now and will be in market later this year. Thermafiber® UltraBatt™ will quickly follow in a series of formaldehyde-free Thermafiber® mineral wool insulation solutions unveiled by Owens Corning.

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Thermafiber® SAFB™

Thermafiber® SAFB™ (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) are mineral wool insulation batts designed to provide acoustical control, thermal performance, and fire protection in many different UL® fire-rated wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. These light density batts can be installed in both steel and wood framed construction. SAFB™ is installed in many high-profile buildings including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, U.A.E.

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Thermafiber® UltraBatt™

Thermafiber® UltraBatt™ mineral wool insulation is designed to provide excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance and noise control in residential and light commercial construction. The semi-rigid batts are more dense than traditional batts and rolls, and are quick and easy to install.

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Everything You Need to Know

Thermafiber® SAFB™ (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) is the first and Thermafiber® UltraBatt™ will quickly follow in a series of formaldehyde-free Thermafiber® mineral wool insulation solutions unveiled by Owens Corning.

  • Formaldehyde-Free SAFB™ will be available for specification as of April 27, 2017, and available at distribution in the second half of the year.
  • Additional formaldehyde-free light density Thermafiber® products will follow soon after in 2017 and 2018.
  • Information can be found at:
  • The SAFB™ specification is available as of April 27, 2017, with remaining light density product specifications expected in late Q2.
  • Data sheets for all light-density formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation products are expected in the June/July timeframe based on required product specification testing currently being conducted.
  • Since the acquisition of Thermafiber, Inc., Owens Corning has continued to invest in production capabilities and product innovation to be a leader in the mineral wool insulation industry.
  • We’ve recognized an opportunity to answer market demand with formaldehyde-free mineral wool solutions and create product innovations that contribute to credits in green building programs.
  • According to the DODGE Data & Analytics World Green Building Trends 20161, the global green building sector continues to double every three years, with survey respondents from 70 countries reporting 60 percent of their projects will be green by 2018.
    1Jones, S. A. (Ed.). (2016). World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report. Dodge Data & Analytics, 1-68. Retrieved April 1, 2017, from
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enables increased capacity.

Yes, we are using industry leading bio-based formaldehyde-free binder technology to make formaldehyde-free mineral wool available for customers.

  • After removing the final red-listed item in our material composition, we are currently working toward UL Formaldehyde-Free certification.
  • Based on preliminary UL testing, our formaldehyde-free product meets emissions criteria of the GREENGUARD standards.
  • We are evaluating additional green building programs and certifications based on market and business opportunities.
  • No, our material is still a high-quality product that is now available formaldehyde-free.
    • High temperature resistance
    • High fire performance that you’ve come to expect
    • Exceptional sound absorption
    • We continue to lead the industry with a minimum of 70% recycled content as verified by ICC-ES.
  • You will notice that the new formaldehyde-free product has a darker brown coloring.
  • Just like the light-density Thermafiber® products you’re used to, the formaldehyde-free products will provide the same performance and can be used in the same applications accordingly.
  • It can be used in applications that specifically exclude red-listed items such as formaldehyde. The new formaldehyde-free Thermafiber® light density products are especially appropriate for applications with stringent requirements around indoor air quality including institutions and health care facilities.
  • Yes, formaldehyde-free products will be available on a special order basis initially. We will continue to offer our standard light-density batts until we convert the entire product line.
  • Formaldehyde-free products will have their own unique SKUs.

There will not be any changes in the number of pieces per package.

Please contact your local Owens Corning Area Sales Manager for more details.

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