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Thermafiber® Aluminum Foil & FSK Tape

Specifications and Literature

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Product Features

<strong>Description</strong><br> Thermafiber® Aluminum Foil and FSK Tapes are engineered to provide a vapor seal between curtain wall mullions and FSP faced FireSpan® curtain wall insulation or other foil faced Thermafiber® insulation products. Coated with a special cold weather, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive system that combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance. Recommended for use down to -25°F as well as normal and very high temperatures. These are the ultimate in cold weather tapes.<br> <br> <strong>Features</strong><br> • Provides vapor seal for seams and edges of foil faced insulation<br> • Exceptional adhesion in hot, moderate, and cold weather<br> • Easily conforms to irregular surfaces and corners • UL 723 Listed<br> • Available for toploading on truckloads of Thermafiber® products or LTL shipment<br> • Available in a variety of widths<br> <br> <strong>Installation</strong><br> 1. The surface to which the tape is to be applied should be free of oils, dust and dirt. The surface should be cleaned with a dry cloth.<br> 2. The release liner should then be removed 1-2 feet at a time and the adhesive face pressed firmly on the insulation facing. Care should be taken not to stretch the tape tightly as this will create buckles and voids in the contact area. Care must also be taken to apply the tape on center so that there is adequate area on both sides of the joint for the tape to bond. Uneven width distribution also puts additional shear stress on the smaller side of the butt joint.<br> 3. The tape should then be wiped firmly from the center out (like wallpaper) with the black soft side of the white plastic wiping tool enclosed with each carton. The more pressure that is applied, the more surface contact will be reached, therefore, the greater the bond surface.<br> 4. The tape should then be cut and fitted with a knife and scissors. The same wiping instructions should be used as in Step #3.<br> <br> <strong>Product Options</strong><br> • Aluminum Foil Tape — 2 Mil, high strength aluminum foil coated with an aggressive, high temperature acrylic adhesive system.<br> • FSK Tape — tri-directionally reinforced with 2 x 3 sq./in. fiberglass scrim, U.L. listed foil/scrim/kraft lamination.

Technical Information

Standards, Codes Compliance

ASTM C 1136FSK Tape, Meets
UL File NumberR10984
U.S. Coast GuardAluminum Foil Tape (CGA #164.112/63/0)

Technical Data

 Aluminum Foil TapeFSK Tape
Thickness3.25 mils (0.00325")0.08255 mm6.5 mils (0.0065”)0.165 mm
Adhesion - Peel (PSTC 1)96 oz/inch width27.1 N/2.5cm96 oz/inch width27 N/2.5cm
Adhesion - Loop Tack50 oz/inch width14.2 N/2.5cm
Adhesion - Shear (PSTC 7) Indefinite @2.2 psi15.2 kPa2 psi13.8 kPa
Tensile (PSTC 31)27 lbs/inch width122 N/2.5cm40 lbs/inch width178 N/2.5cm
Elongation (PSTC 31)4.4%4.4%2%2%
Low Temperature Application-25°F-32°C-25°F-32°C
High Temperature Resistance260°F127°C175°F80°C
Low Environmental Resistance-35°F-37°C-35°F-37°C
Emittance (ASTM C 1371)0.030.03-
WVTR (ASTM E 96 Proc. A)0.02 U.S. Perms0.02 U.S. Perms
Flame Spread (ASTM E 84)5555
Smoke Developed (ASTM E 84)10101010



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