XPS Insulation

FOAMULAR® XPS Pipe Insulation Fabrication Billets

Specifications and Literature


Technical Information

Physical Properties

PropertyTest Method4Value
Thermal Conductivity, maximum,
180 days @ 75°F mean temperature

0.200 (0.029)
Compressive Strength, minimum, psi (kPa)5,7ASTM D162125 (173)
Water Absorption, maximum, % by volume5,8ASTM C272.15
Water Vapor Permeance maximum, perm (ng/P•s•m2)5,9ASTM E961.1
Dimensional Stability, % linear change5ASTM D21262.0
Flame Spread5,10,11ASTM E8410
Smoke Developed5,10,11ASTM E84175
Service Temperature, maximum, В°F (В°C)-320 to 165 (-196 to 74)
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, in/in•°F5ASTM E2283.5 x 10-5 (6.3 x 10-5)

1. The surface burning characteristics of these products have been determined in accordance with UL723, ASTM E84, or CAN/ULC-S102. These standards should be used to measure and describe the properties of materials, products, or assemblies in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions and should not be used to describe or appraise the fire hazard or fire risk of materials, products or assemblies under actual fire conditions. However, the results of these tests may be used as elements of a fire risk assessment that takes into account all of the factors that are pertinent to an assessment of the fire hazard of a particular end use. Values are reported to the nearest 5 rating.

2. Includes core weight.

3. Includes core weight

4. Sample modified as required to meet applicable test method.

5. XPS foam core values meet ASTM C578 TYPE IV.

6. k means the apparent thermal conductivity. The lower the value, the greater the insulation power.

7. Values at yield or 10% deflection, whichever occurs first.

8. Data ranges from 0.00 to value shown due to the level of precision of the test method.

9. Water vapor permeance decreases as thickness increases.

10. These laboratory tests are not intended to describe the hazard presented by this material under actual fire conditions.

11. Fire performance of FOAMULAR® 4" thick product only. Thicker products may have different fire performance characteristics. Due to limits on the equipment used to test per ASTM E84, Owens Corning® FOAMULAR® XPS Fabrication Billets have not been tested.

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